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Many who fall into sexual sin feel a sense of helplessness. They feel that they cannot escape the temptations they have already given into, despite knowing that it's against God's wishes. They feel alone, weak, and far away from the Lord. Instead of drawing closer to Him, they fall deeper into the pit of dark, twisted sin.

Christ, however, has not left these people's sides. Sexual sin is rampant in today's society. Adultery blazes across our news screens and pornography is as accessible as ever. This can make it hard for many to stay true to God's desires and wishes for marriage. Even through all of this, God is right there. He is waiting to offer help to those who want it.

God is a patient and loving Father. At any point He could walk away and never return to those who have committed sexual sin. Instead, He sits and waits for us to return to Him. He wants us to come back home, and give our lives to Him so that we can accept His many blessings.

God responds to sexual sin the same way to responds to any sin - with love and grace. Here are some of the ways to we can ask for forgives and understand God's desire for how we treat our bodies.

How Jesus Responded to Sexual Sin

There is a great example in the Bible in John 8 where Jesus encountered a woman who was caught cheating on her husband. Adultery was punishable by death during this time period. Some of the men around here wanted Jesus to stone her and an effort to trap Him. Jesus' response was something that was completely brilliant, and is a great way for us to learn about how to respond to those in sexual sin.

Firstly, Jesus paused and listened. He did not jump to conclusions or become judgmental of the woman. Then, Jesus addressed those that accused her. He knew that the men had their own sins to deal with and Jesus wanted to remind them of that fact. Some of them also were caught in sexual sin.

Jesus didn't condemn the woman immediately. He instead showed a tender heart and didn't start throwing stones, despite what the men wanted. He didn't yell scripture in her face or make her feel shameful. Furthermore, He took the time to address the woman one on one where she was at. He waited until the crowd had left so He could have a personal conversation with her in a space she felt safe. Lastly, Jesus didn't condone her sin. While He showed her respect and gratitude, He also let her know gently that what she did was wrong. He then challenged her to start living a life that honored God.

How Jesus responded to this woman is a great example of how we, too, should respond to sexual sin. Sexual sin can be a tricky subject for many as it involves a very sacred and emotional bond between two people. Showing respect, love, patience and kindness is the best approach to helping others.

How We Can Overcome Sexual Sin

Human sexuality is a beautiful gift from God, but it is one that can be manipulated and used in sin very easily for many. It drifts us away from the Lord; however it's not something that should hold us back forever. There are ways to ask for forgiveness and move past our sexual sins.

First, it's important to understand that you are never alone. Even King David in the Bible wrestled with sexual sin and temptation. The King was overcome with lust when he met a woman named Bathsheba, who was undoubtedly gorgeous. The King, though, understood that His God was both loving and forgiving. He was able to find His way back home to the Lord, and so can you (2 Samuel 11:12).

You can further break the chains from sexual sin by repenting to the Lord. This means turning your face towards God and changing what is in your heart. You will want to stand firm against temptation (James 4:7) and trust that God can help you with His strength (Hebrews 4:12).

God will be able to forgive you so you can be cleansed physically, emotionally, and spiritually but only if you humbly come to Him with a true desire to change your behavior. Jesus wants you to be free from the pain that holds you down. The change must come from within, though, so make sure you fill your mind with God's Word and His teachings (Proverbs 23:7).

There is no sin that you can commit that would cause God to walk away from you forever. There is never “too late”. No matter the past you have, God is ready to accept you exactly where you are if you are if you are ready to give your life to Him fully. He wants to change you for the better.

Your body is in honor of God, so it should be treated as such. While sexual sin does not mean you can't find God again, it, like any sin, is something you should work hard to avoid. First Corinthians 6:15, 19-20 says: "Don't you know that your bodies are part of the body of Christ? Is it right for me to join part of the body of Christ to an immoral woman? No, it isn't! ... Surely you know that your body is a temple where the Holy Spirit lives. The Spirit is in you and is a gift from God. You are no longer your own. God paid a great price for you. So use your body to honor God."

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