Picture this: You are driving home from Sunday church services with your family and next thing you know, a driver comes and T-bones your car. Each of you is rushed to the hospital and everyone is taken care of. You thank God relentlessly for keeping your family safe. But then, you see the medical bill.

Everyone knows someone that has been burdened by expensive medical bills. Even with insurance, the prices of unexpected accidents or diagnoses can financially ruin a family. It can be overwhelming to overcome, and many end up in mountains of debt because of it.

Healthshare ministries aims to fix that, by calling on Christians to group together and show their love and compassion for one another. Healthshare ministries are changing the lives of Christians around the world through shared medical bills. These organizations are giving Christians the freedom to enjoy each day without the burden of expensive healthcare and medical bills.

What is a healthshare ministry?

Healthshare ministries are non-profit ministries in which hundreds of thousands of Christians voluntarily share to pay each other’s medical bills. It is not an insurance. Each member is a Christian living out Biblical principles through helping another Christian with the burden of medical costs. The members are in a covenant with each other, rather than a contract. These ministries deliver compassionate and personal service in the name of Christ. They inspire their members to provide for one another through prayer, encouragement, community, and financial support.

The New Testament says in Galatians 6:2 to carry each other’s burdens, which is the foundation of healthshare ministries. It is a modern-day representation of how the early Christian Church shared to meet each other’s needs (Acts 2 and 4). Jesus often looked for those who were most in need and provided to them. He then instructed us to do the same. In John 13:35 He told His disciples, “The world will know you are my disciples by the way you love one another.” Because of this, many early Christians banded together to ensure that everyone in their community had their needs met.

The ministries check the bills to make sure they are authentic and eligible, and over 670 million in medical bills gets paid annually across the nation. Over one million Americans have participated in health sharing services as of 2019. This takes huge burdens off of our fellow Christian brothers and sisters and is there for when you might need it for your family. Members do not only provide financial assistance. Through spiritual and emotional support, healthshare ministries develop communities of Christians that really help one another.

Who have healthshare ministries helped?

The idea of a healthshare ministry can date back over a century. Hundreds of thousands of families and individuals have been helped because of their collective efforts. They have helped real people with real problems. We all face health issues in our life, or have someone close that does. Here is one scenario to think through. Imagine opening your own business and joining a healthshare ministry because it’s budget-friendly and gives you flexibility. With a healthshare ministry, you can volunteer your money and in turn, receive help with your medical bills when you need it. If you found out you had ovarian cancer, for example, you would be able to navigate your treatment more easily and have a community of Christians to support you without fighting an insurance company. They would deliver endless prayers for your recovery and healing. Surgeries for cancer removal can be upwards of millions of dollars, but with a healthshare ministry, you would get the full treatment. 

When you support a healthshare ministry, you feel good about yourself because you are helping those in need. Then when you need aid the most, you will receive it right back. Think of how great you would feel knowing you had a team to support you during a severe medical emergency? Another very real scenario to think through is problems with pregnancy. Many women struggle to get pregnant, carry babies to term, and other complications. If your newborn suffered after delivery, wouldn't you want to know they could get the best treatment without worrying about costs? Not only is that achievable with healthshare ministries, but you will get encouragement from those who are also a part of the program. 

You do not have to figure out your medical bills all on your own. Joining a healthshare ministry will give you the freedom to live your life without fear of crippling financial debt. You also will be serving God in a beautiful way by voluntarily showing your Christian brothers and sisters that they are never without support. Are you ready to serve God and grow your relationship with Him through health share ministries?

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