Many people have questioned if Jesus truly loves them. The Bible clearly states that no matter what we do, Jesus loves us. He promises to forgive all of our wrongs, giving us eternal life if we believe in Him. John 3:16 reminds us that God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son, and whoever believes in Him will have eternal life.

Jesus gave His life for us.

Romans 5:8 tells us God shows His love for us because while we still sinned, Jesus died for us. God sent Jesus to die on our behalf to give us a chance for eternal life before we were even born. This unique gift was given to us because of His grace toward us. Ephesians 2:8-9 reminds us that we’re saved through grace and faith. This grace is a gift from God so that no one can brag. We don’t have to do anything to earn His love; all we have to do is accept it.

It may be challenging to believe Jesus loves you because others have let you down in the past. However, Jesus isn’t like everybody else. John 1:14 reminds us that Jesus is God in human form. He was involved in our creation, maintaining our every breath, offering us new and eternal life with Him in heaven. Another reason why it might be challenging to accept that Jesus loves us is because something you’ve done in your past bothers you. However, Jesus already knows your history and still offers forgiveness and eternal life.

We can find an excellent example of Jesus’ love in His last hours on the cross. One of the men being crucified beside Him was being put to death as his punishment. He turned to Jesus and asked Him to remember him when He entered His kingdom. Jesus answered, saying he would be with Him in paradise, as detailed in Luke 23:42-43. Despite the criminal’s transgressions, Jesus accepted his sincere and simple act of faith, promising him eternal life in heaven, even though Jesus knew the man didn’t have time to live life differently.

Examples of Jesus’ love.

Jesus displays His love by welcoming and inviting us to His eternal home. He forgives us with open arms if we repent our sins. He patiently waits for us to come to Him with a willingness to change and a surrendered heart, never giving up on us. In Luke 15:11-32, Jesus tells us about the Prodigal Son, a story about genuine love. We’ve all been prodigals who’ve fallen by the wayside, but Jesus reminds us that He loves us unconditionally.

Jesus desires us to invite Him into our hearts, celebrating eternal life with Him. He has a place prepared for us, welcoming us home despite our transgressions. Jesus watches us at all times. When we get lost, He finds us to bring us back in. He fights for His believers like a shepherd fends off wolves from his sheep, as David detailed in Psalm 23. God didn’t make us to be alone. In actuality, He created us to fellowship with others. As the good shepherd, Jesus ensures that we don’t wander away from His presence, keeping us in the fold.

He uses the hook of His rod to pull back His wandering sheep. A good shepherd spends time with their sheep, caring for them through the long nights and keeping them safe from the storm. Like a shepherd, Jesus is there for us in our darkest moments. He patiently waits for us to look to Him, reaching our hands to Him. This is the definition of true love.

How much does Jesus love us?

We should only look at the cross when we think about how much Jesus loves us. Jesus stretched out His hands, saying, “I love you this much.” He sacrificed His life to give us another chance. You can pray to accept Jesus as your Savior, recognizing His eternal life and love. It’s not a special prayer, but you can pray a prayer like this,

Dear God, I understand that I’m a sinner and couldn’t reach heaven by my merits. Right now, I put my faith in Christ as the Son of God who rose on the third day to give me eternal life. Please forgive my sins and help me live for you. Thank You for Your acceptance and eternal life. Amen.

With His life, Jesus said, “I love you,” by showing up for everyone and giving us hope for our imperfect lives. He left His life to come to earth and save us from our unhappy selves. Through His life and manifestation in our hearts, we learn to love others and ourselves. In today’s world, sadness runs deep, especially for those who don’t know real love. We learn to understand that love is more than words; it’s taking action through Jesus’ life.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 reminds us of love’s characteristics, saying love is kind and doesn’t envy. Love isn’t proud and doesn’t dishonor others. Love isn’t self-seeking or easily angered. It also doesn’t keep a record of wrongdoings. Love doesn’t take joy in evil but delights in the truth. It always hopes, trusts, protects and perseveres.

This deep, unconditional love doesn’t just happen, but it’s the type of love that we have to act on. Love isn’t a feeling, but it’s a choice. No one forced Jesus to love us, but He chose to love us while nailed to the cross with open arms, so Jesus is love. Jesus, our Savior, came to earth to show how much He loved us. He walked and talked with sinners, sharing His time with people and being a life coach of sorts. Not only was Jesus a good man, but He’s the light of the world, allowing us all to live eternal lives with Him in heaven. On the cross, He died for our sins and rose from the grave.

Jesus is the only path to heaven, and He’s prepared a unique place for us. He wants us to encounter His unconditional love. He wants us all to come to Him and surrender our lives humbly.

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