Though we know the season isn't about the presents, they certainly are a nice bonus of Christmas. We've assembled a collection of gifts that will do double-duty: Remind you of why you're celebrating AND give people some lovely loot. We also have our favorite Hanukkah gifts and a list of relaxing presents to help your recipients de-stress and unwind.

Cathedral Ring

A gorgeous way to wear your faith all year round, this hammered sterling ring sports a 14k gold cross and garnet stone. $148, SundanceCatalog.com

The Bible Experience

Samuel L. Jackson as God, Blair Underwood as Jesus, Cuba Gooding Jr. as Judas? No, it’s not the latest Mel Gibson blockbuster, it’s "The Bible Experience," a CD version of the New Testament. More than 200 of the world’s top black entertainers in film and music created this divinely inspired dramatic reading (and sometimes singing) of Today’s New International version of the NT. Available in CD or MP3. $35, InspiredBy.com

Lumen Oil Lamp

An outrageously lovely way to carry a Christmas tree from room to room. This oil lamp casts a long pine tree-shaped shadow as it illuminates with ambient candlelight. Made by Brooklyn, NY-based designer Adam Frank. A wonderful gift to warm anyone's home. $48, UnicaHome.com

The Way of the Wild at Heart Workbook by John Eldredge

For the man who wants to grow spiritually and personally, this new workbook—a companion to "The Way of the Wild Heart"—can help "unfinished men" initiate into a deeper, more mature level of manhood. For solo or group study. $13, Christianbook.com


It resembles a first generation iPod but packs more spiritual punch. GoBible is a hand-held audio device loaded with Old and New Testament scriptures. You can search for scriptures by topic and bookmark favorites and even search by verse. Available in King James or New King James versions, it's perfect for teens or anyone on the run. $100, GoBible.com

Lord's Prayer Mobius Bracelet

The Mobius Strip is a mathematical symbol of infinity; this bracelet uses it to cycle the Lord's Prayer around your loved one's wrist all day long. In engraved sterling silver, it's the ideal gift for a friend, mom, sister, or other prayerful woman in your life. A story card is included. $80, Signals.com

Guardian Angel Keyring

Keep an angel close to your loved ones—or at least a sterling silver version. Her flip side is engraved with the words: "Angels shall guard thee." And so they shall. $68, SundanceCatalog.com

A Gift of Freedom

The International Justice Mission, an organization dedicated to freeing and helping oppressed and exploited people around the world, allows you to donate "gifts" to support their efforts. For example, $40 will purchase a day of social work to help IJM's clients "heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually" from abuse. It's a thoughtful gift for anyone who wants to contribute to peace on earth this season. Prices vary, IJM.org

The Brick Testament

Legos. You loved playing with them, you hurt your foot stepping on them. Now you can give an assembled Lego display of biblical proportions. Choose Moses holding the Ten Commandments or a less than literal rendition of the Holy Trinity. Perfect for Bible-readers with a sense of humor. For those too "mature" for the actual plastic, check out the Brick Testament’s books with Lego illustrations. $14.40-$27, TheBrickTestament.com

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