Pastor Brian McLaren
Cedar Ridge Community Church
Spencerville, Maryland
Listen The Promise of Christmas: The Bethlehem Promise
"Today, Jesus shows up in our lives in unexpected ways and places. Jesus shows up in subtle ways that are easy to miss...but if he wants to truly win our hearts, maybe Bethlehem is the place he has to show up and maybe subtly and gently is the only way he can meet us."
(Copyright 2005. Brian McLaren. Used by permission. Audio courtesy Cedar Ridge Community Church.)

Pastor Josh Harris
Covenant Life Church
Gaithersburg, MD
Listen Our Savior is Born, Part 1 - Foretold by an Angel
"Luke wants to show that Jesus is indeed the savior of the world...and it is through this life we come to understand God's saving plan for all mankind."
(Copyright 2005. Josh Harris. Used by permission. Audio courtesy Covenant Life Church.)

Pastor Steve Hereford
Changed By Grace Community Church
Jacksonville, FL
ListenThe Purpose of Christmas
"What is the purpose of Christmas? Is it Christmas trees and Christmas lights? Is it reindeer or nativity scenes? Is it even wise men bearing gifts?"
(Copyright 2003. Steven R. Hereford. Used by permission. Audio courtesy Changed By Grace Community Church.)

Pastor Dean Angell
Lakeview Church
Saskatoon, Canada
Listen The Christmas Gift Exchange: Hope
"Some of the greatest gifts in our lives come somewhat disguised and they look a little bit tarnished. Some of the most significant learning moments we will ever have spiritually or emotionally or relationally happened in the fearful and dark moments of our lives...and in order to fully grasp all that we can from life, we have to learn to embrace those tarnished gifts from God as well, not just the nice, pretty, easy, gentle ones."
(Copyright 2005. Dean Angell. Used by permission. Audio courtesy Lakeview Church.)

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