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After you die, you receive judgment. During that judgment, God decides on whether you will go to Heaven or Hell. When a loved one dies and goes to Heaven, the one thing we want most is to spend just a bit more time with them. As much as we would like to see them, the Bible doesn’t mention Heaven having any visiting hours for those left on Earth. So can our loved ones visit us on Earth from Heaven?

What is Heaven?

Heaven is a real place in the Bible. It’s mentioned 276 times in the New Testament alone. The Bible says that there are three heavens. Paul is the only person who could see the third Heaven, but he couldn’t reveal what he saw. The Bible describes the first Heaven in the Old Testament. This Heaven has clouds,  and it’s where the birds fly through.

The second Heaven is in outer space, where the planets, stars, and other cosmic objects exist. Genesis 1:14-18 describes how God expanded the heavens and separated the day from night and how He created the stars.

The Bible never reveals the third Heaven’s location, but it’s where God lives. John 14:2 describes how Jesus promised to prepare a place for Christians in Heaven. Jesus states that there are many rooms in my Father’s house, and if there weren’t, would He have told you that He prepared a place for Christians to go? John 3:16 details how those who believe in God will not perish, but they will live forever.

The Apostle John was lucky enough to see and report on the heavenly city. Revelation 21:10-27 describes God carrying John away to a mountain overlooking the Holy City coming down from Heaven with God. The scripture illustrates Heaven shining like a jasper stone, with a high wall with twelve gates and an angel standing by each gate. On each gate was the name of the twelve tribes of Israel. A precious stone stood in the foundation of each wall. John goes on to describe how the city doesn’t need a sun or a moon because the glory of God is its light. He also says God restores the paradise of the Garden of Eden, the river of water flows freely, and the tree of life is available, growing fruit with leaves that heal nations. 

The truth is that no earthly being can accurately describe Heaven because it is beyond their ability to express. Revelation 21:4 describes how Heaven is a place of no more tears, pain, or sorrow. The best thing about Heaven is the presence of the Lord, our Savior, as explained in 1 John 3:2. 

Our Loved Ones Watch Us From Heaven.

The Bible never mentions our deceased loved one visiting us from Heaven explicitly. It warns against seeking out mediums and psychics to speak with our deceased loved ones. When our loved ones die, they don’t turn into ghosts. Instead, they turn into spirit beings. The Bible warns against seeking out mediums because it’s possible for demons to disguise themselves and act as our deceased loved ones. Some scriptures in the Bible suggest that the dead can see what’s happening on Earth.

In Revelation 6, victims ask God why he hasn’t judged those who have killed them.  They called out to God and asked how long until you criticize the inhabitants of Earth and avenge our blood. The passage then describes them getting a white robe, and God asks them to wait a little longer. This passage shows that people in Heaven are the same as when they were on Earth. Now they’re just in a different location. The victims remember their murder, so this shows that they retain their life on Earth. 

Hebrew 11 gives a list of heroes of faith, like Abraham, Enoch, and Jacob. It says they were all commended for their faith, yet none received what God promised them. The scripture suggests that this is because God planned something better for them. Hebrew 12:1 says that a great cloud of witnesses surrounds us and that we should let go of everything that holds us back and not get wrapped up in sin. Instead, we should run our race with persistence. The cloud of witnesses refers to the heroes of faith listed in Hebrew 11.

There Are No Visiting Hours For Heaven.

It would be fantastic if our loved ones could visit us from Heaven. However, the scripture suggests that the most our loved ones can do is watch over us and watch God’s plan unfold. John 14 describes how the Holy Spirit plays the role of the comforter, reminding his disciples not to let their hearts be troubled. On the plus side, God communicates with us in so many different ways that we don’t need our loved ones to share with us. Even Jesus wept for His friend Lazarus while comforting his sisters, as described in John 11. 

On the plus side, God communicates with us in so many different ways that we don’t need our loved ones to share with us. Losing a loved one can be challenging, but the Bible assures us that we will see our loved ones again if we live on the righteous path and honor God.

They may not visit us on Earth, but the Bible suggests that they can see what’s happening on Earth. Our loved ones would not want us to dwell on the past or contemplate what could have been. They would like us to live for God every day. It’s tough that they’re no longer here, but we must cherish and revel in the times we shared with them while on Earth. 

We must also use God’s Word to comfort us during these troubling times. God understands the pain we go through when losing a close friend or relative. Instead, we must lean into the Holy Spirit instead of seeking out our dead loved one through a medium. Our loved ones may not be able to visit us from Heaven, but they’re always watching over us and keeping us safe.

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