The strange case of Debbie Cain, a woman who was declared dead, has doctors intrigued. The woman was unconscious and her heart stopped during appendectomy surgery.

But before we continue, maybe you should know that this is not the first reported case. In fact there are many cases from people of all ages, nationalities, social backgrounds, genders and even different religions, including atheists who have also had near death experiences and been exposed to the spiritual realm.

Scientists try to explain these cases, however the scientific explanations are only applied to those who have visions and had near death experiences or were declared clinically dead. But, what about the cases where the person experiences a sudden death even though they were not about to die?

Many interpret the experience in a religious manner and are left confused when they encounter situations completely contrary to their customs or religious beliefs.

We have heard many cases, hundreds in fact, from people who have found Jesus and opened their hearts to God.

Debbie was unconscious and her heart stopped during appendectomy surgery. She explained that she had been in heaven: “I started to feel a great love from within. It was warm and I saw a bright light that began to clean everything. I saw Jesus there. He looked at me and without saying a word, he spoke to me and said: ´Not now my child´. I can´t remember anything else and then I woke up in the Intensive Care Unit”, explained Debbie.

The neurosurgeon, Michael Minotti, said that these experiences are real.

Debbie explains that before her supernatural experience, she was not a religious person, but now she is certain that God does exist.

Near death experiences such as this one are much more common that one would think. These encounters change the lives of those who experience them. Even the neurosurgeon assures that “There are cases of blind people, who have been declared clinically dead, who lived again and left their bodies, who saw light for the first time in their lives. These people describe in detail how they were brought back to life”, explains Minotti, who is now a true believer in God.

And although we live before a scientific community that tries to explain such occurrences, new cases are registered each day leaving us bewildered even amongst sworn enemies of God. Why is that? Because even they are experiencing these occurrences as well as their families.

Here are three other examples of those who had heavenly experiences:

Colton Burpo

Maybe you have heard of him. His story is probably the most popular one in 2014 regarding heavenly experiences. His story was relived in a movie and a book, both with the name “Heaven is Real” which show Burpo fighting his illness where his life and death experience took place in heaven. He said that he spoke with Jesus and that heaven knew he had a sister, who died before he ever met her.

Today he is a teenager who still tells his story with a lot of conviction and to this day believes he was in heaven.

Crystal McVea

She was clinically dead for 9 minutes in 2009 based on pancreatitis complications. When Crystal woke up, she was not on earth, instead she was in heaven. In an interview, McVea said two angels welcomed her and she felt the presence of someone. She strongly believes that God was standing right next to her.

“What I saw and felt was something so utterly beautiful and radiant. A bright light! This is the only way I can explain what I saw. I realized that I was in the presence of God in Christ and I believe in the presence of God the Father and the Holy Spirit.”

Crystal McVea also said that she had to decide on either staying in heaven or going back to earth and become a mother but that she decided to stay in heaven. However, when she reached the celestial gates of heaven, God showed her a little girl playing and this was God’s way of showing her that she was needed back on earth to bring up a family.

Don Piper

Don Piper was clinically dead for 90 minutes after he was in a serious accident in 2008 and according to an interview on Fox News with Bill O'Reilly, Don said he went to heaven and was welcomed by his family and friends outside the celestial gates.

He did not see Jesus or God, but he spent time with family members who had not aged or grown. Piper mentioned that he was on his way to the celestial gates when all of a sudden he woke up. Piper also explained that this was a unique situation since he saw things that he had never seen in dreams and he saw people that he never expected to see. There were many things that convinced him that what was going on at that time were real. “These people are in heaven and I can´t wait to go back. When I was in heaven I did not want to return to Earth”, he said.

Have you ever had an experience like this one? Trying to explain it in a “scientific” manner is normal, but a person who has experienced something like this knows that it is real, but it can be so difficult to explain in a human way.

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