Woman looking at skyWhen your hope is running low and your energy is on empty, it can be difficult to find the strength to talk to God. It’s completely normal to feel distant from your faith when you’re experiencing challenging times. And believe it or not, everyone has questioned God’s existence from time-to-time when they’re struggling. However, these are the times when you need God the most.

First and foremost, stop assigning blame. Disappointment is part of life and there’s no way around it. Instead of trying to figure out how you got into the situation, be proactive and seek out ways you can get out of this difficult time. You’ll never find a solution to your misery if you’re constantly honing in on who and what is to blame. Forgive yourself, those around you and don’t caste blame upon the Lord. Once you’ve accepted life you’ll be closer to moving forward.

Now instead of focusing on all of the things that aren’t going right, adjust your perception and count your blessings. What are the positive elements of your life that currently contribute to your existence and future. Make a list and thank God again for all of the positive aspects in your life. You’ll be surprised how negativity can consume your existence if you allow it. By adjusting your attitude and focusing on the good things in life, you’ll find it’s easier to speak with God because you’re no longer suffocated by the negativity.

And here comes the hard part – now listen to your Lord and Savior. Jesus will not always speak to you when you’re expecting his valuable words of wisdom. Instead, he will reach out when the timing is truly right. And only he knows when that time is and will be. Continue moving forward in life with open arms and invite the Lord into your heart. During this process, look for ways to build your relationship with Christ. Seek out scripture that speaks volumes to your life and look for ways you can further communicate with your Savior. Communication can be through prayer, service, or simple conversations.

One of the biggest things you’ll have to overcome as a broken individual will be facing the truth. It’s hard to converse with God because he knows the good and the bad – there’s no way you can change things up because the Lord knows what is real and what is not. Even though you may not be voicing your feelings, He still knows. And in reality, that’s scary and causes people to internally dread facing the realness of a situation. Once you’re accepting of God and his all knowingness, you’ll discover a freed sense of living.

Everyone experiences brokenness in life. Even the happiest of people have had to pick up the pieces. Instead of trying to do everything by yourself, seek comfort in God’s good grace and allow him to give you the strength that you need to overcome your difficult times. The Lord and Savior is the one person you can always rely on – no matter what. He will not judge you. He will not hold anything against you. He will always love you. He will always be the one person who will listen.

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