religious angel statueIt’s hard to convince someone that x and y do not exist if the foundational groundwork is present and providing. No matter what evidence is present there will always be someone ready and willing to go against the grain and press the envelope towards an alternative viewpoint. In essence, it’s an absolute force of human nature to be curious and question what is presented as valid and truthful.

The search for the truth is measured through many facets – one of them being through archaeology. Man believes that it’s possible to be successful and more spiritually in-tune if they’re able to provide a reality aspect to the beliefs that encircle the world. Theories are derived on a collection of presumptions and beliefs based on analysis, hunches and adjustments in evidence. Archeologists will go to the depths of the earth to find proof to refute or rebuttal long standing arguments that continue to cross the minds of believers and theorists. How does this impact the element of spirituality many may ask? Well for starters, whenever new evidence is found it’s inevitable that it will turn heads and make everyone scratch their heads with curiosity. On the other hand, there are those who are so ingrained with these beliefs that nothing will convince them otherwise.

The field of archaeology within religion and ritual is a growing field and applies to religious studies, theory and methods, anthropological theory, and archaeological and historical methods and theories that are directly related to the study of religion and ritual. Archaeology studies human history and the objects, buildings, bodies, and spaces associated with our material culture and landscapes. Since there is so much history that lies within the world, there is no doubt that material evidence will always be retrieved to support and knock down any and all spiritual beliefs that man possesses.

spiritual praying handsAs a believer you take the risk of being completely right or completely wrong. Yet no matter what, if your spirituality is balanced and enriched with a strong foundation then you’ll see archeological evidence as just the remnants of a previous existence. Spirituality will give you strength throughout the most challenging times and will reinforce the possibility for more great days.

spiritual woman eyes closedWhile the advances of new technology have the ability to retell the past, the devices are built on theoretical equations that are derived from what is presumed to be accurate. As human beings, it’s natural for us to want to find answers to our past and to learn more about our existence because in reality it helps us put the pieces together and gives us a perspective on the future. While some of the population is more evidence driven others in the world are able to let their faith take the reins. And again, no matter which side you claim you’ll find that neither view really changes because of the foundation that side has built and the beliefs surrounding that upbringing.

Archaeology provides new possible answers while uncovering the remnants of what once was. An impact is felt amongst those who are not defined and established within their belief system however, for those who are structured within their spirituality there is no real affect. In reality, spirituality is a theory that produces strength, comfort and hope for tomorrow.

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