jesusSometimes the truth hurts but the reality is that people will come and go in and out of our lives. We are influenced by the great minds and our hearts are forever changed by the love that they have bestowed. However, there are not many people whose death will have a universal impact that will change and influence generations past and present. The one man who will forever remain within our hearts and live on in our soul is Jesus. His death, his sacrifice, his decision has and will impact our lives and the lives of the every one that is born.

Jesus’ death left us with an eternal hope that outlasts and tragedy that we encounter. No matter how rough the tides get or the challenges that we face, we will always look to Jesus for advice, redemption or to be consoled. Jesus’ pain and suffering was far more than most can imagine and because he withstood the extreme and stood up for the unknown, we choose to find comfort in his element of being relatable. We pray, every day, to Jesus because we seek out his comfort and we strive to be more like him. Even though his death is something that was only witnessed in the history books, each day his presence and existence gives everyone and undeniable amount of hope and comfort.

We dedicate time each Sunday to practice and worship his teachings so that we can be better human beings. Whether it be a search for guidance, an attempt at redemption or soul searching for inspiration – we attend church each week in hopes that Jesus will answer our prayers and help us be more fulfilled beings. He may have left us long ago but his power to minister the world is eternalized and will always be part of our lives.

The death of Jesus will be the most controversial subject within our history and livelihood. There is so much conflict behind Jesus’ existence. Jesus’ continuation is identified through the Pledge of Allegiance, referenced in our currency and is symbolized through the cross we bear in our homes and that we wear around our neck. Society, as a whole, embraces Jesus’ existence that lives beyond his death. The figure of Jesus is more than a symbol attached to a religion - he’s the embodiment of hope, peace and the possibility of a better future. Jesus is the ultimate hero that we all believe in because his sacrifice is the reason for our existence.

No matter what controversies the world faces or how occurrences impact our world, one this is for sure – Jesus’ death will impact our lives every day and it will prove to be the biggest influence in our history.

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