Thousands of people have journeyed to the afterlife. Many near-death experiences (NDEs) describe an encounter with God during a close brush with death. Those having these NDEs come from all walks of life, including physicians, scientists, and people all around the world. Remarkably, regardless of their prior cultural or religious beliefs, there is often exceptional consistency in their descriptions of God. What is also consistent is that NDE accounts repeatedly share that God loves us all. He loves everyone for who they are and what they are regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs.

Dr. Jeffery Long, a radiation oncologist and near-death experience expert has presented the the most compelling scientific evidence for life beyond death ever compiled. In his latest study, he goes even further, revealing evidence that God is real. The people you are about to read about have reported going to the frontier of heaven and meeting God and have returned to share their journey. Here are a few examples of very powerful and revealing NDE case studies from the largest near-death experience study ever conducted:

An Out-of-Body Experience

This NDE occurred when a woman was experiencing major blood loss during a C-Section. She began to have an out-of-body experience. She looked down at her son’s incubator and wondered, “Am I Dead?” At the same time, she was also thinking that it was OK if she were dead because her son was all right. She was later given a photograph of him post-birth that looked exactly the same as what she saw, even though she was on the other side of the curtain. An out-of-body experience is the separation of consciousness from the physical body and is often the first element of a near-death experience. A majority of people who have had a NDE report having a separation of consciousness from their bodies.

Encountering a Brilliant Light

This NDE occurred when a person was having a complication from sleep apnea. They first encountered a brilliant light. They felt in this experience that they had a choice to rest in the truth and stay on the “other side,” or they could continue to play the “game” of being an imaginary person. When they realized this, they mentally turned around and saw a light that was brighter than a million suns. This light didn’t hurt their eyes. It radiated love and the presence felt like it was God’s.

Mystical lights in near-death experiences are often described as intensely brilliant, but it almost never causes the person discomfort to look at. Most people who have had this experience express their attraction and desire to join the light.

Encountering a Deceased Relative

This NDE occurred when a woman was experiencing major blood loss during delivery. While she was delivering her baby, doctors struggled to stop her excessive bleeding. She left her body and watched the doctors working on her. Then a bright light was all around her, and she heard the voice of her great aunt who had been dead since she was a little girl. Her great aunt asked her whether she trusted her husband to raise her son? Her aunt told her that her husband wouldn’t be a good father and that he wouldn’t be faithful. In this moment, she knew couldn’t die. This woman was also legally blind without her glasses. She didn’t have her glasses on in the delivery room, but she could clearly see what the doctors were doing.

When NDErs encounter deceased beings, they are usually relatives rather than friends or acquaintances. In other cases, they encounter someone during their experience who seems familiar, but they do not know who they are.

Encountering Otherworldly (Heavenly Realms)

This NDE occurred early in this girl’s childhood. She was floating through pink and purple clouds. She was a baby, and her grandmother was carrying her over her shoulder. Two tiny cherubs with wings followed them, fluttering like hummingbirds. One was pink and the other was purple. She giggled when she tried to touch them. Then the scenery began to change to green valleys and hills and she could hear children laughing. She wanted to go there, but a voice said, “No! You’re too young!” Then the atmosphere changed to brilliant pastel blue and two huge golden gates floated in midair before her.

In another account, which resulted from internal bleeding from an ectopic pregnancy, a woman saw a heavenly, all-encompassing light around her. Her pain was gone and her body felt free. She was filled with joy and contentment. She heard the most beautiful music and thought, “So this is what heavenly music sounds like.” She became aware of the peace that passes all understanding. She never wanted to leave and felt she was in the presence of Jesus. She didn’t see Him, but He was in the light and spoke to her telepathically. In that moment, she felt the overflowing love of God.

The unearthly or “heavenly” realms that NDErs often encounter are usually beautiful beyond anything on earth. These realms are often described having gorgeous colors that do not exist on this earth. They may even hear music that is beautiful beyond anything on earth. Many people claim to enter some other, unearthly realm during their NDE.

Medically speaking, near-death experiences should be impossible. NDEs generally occur when a person is so physically compromised that they are unconscious, comatose or clinically dead. From both a medical and a logical perspective, it should be impossible for people who are unconscious to have highly lucid experiences that are clear and logically organized. However, lucid experiences do occur at this time, and the level of consciousness and alertness that they experience is usually even greater than what people experience in everyday life. What is described about God in NDEs is so consistent that it fulfills a basic scientific principle: What is real is consistently observed. These accounts offer a profound message of reassurance, hope and comfort with the evidence-based conclusion that God is real.

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