It’s the tale of two rival toy stores competing to get customers attention during the busy Christmas season. Gary, a Christian toy store owner, has his business shaken when a newer, bigger toy store opens in the same neighborhood. An inspirational story illustrating how God’s providence and grace is always working behind the scenes of life, even when we don’t notice it. Major themes in the film include:

God’s Grace
The movie’s central theme is focused on God’s grace and how He is able to work through two men in order to bring about an unlikely friendship. Actor, Tim Kaiser, plays the hard-nosed toy store owner of Tollman Toys that is aiming to put Gary’s store out of business. His character even sabotages one of Gary’s toy deliveries which impacts holiday sales.

The Power of Sacrifice
When sales begin to drop, Gary and his wife Susan have to strategize to keep the store up and running. The competition puts a strain on their marriage, employee relationships and of course the budget. While on the surface the movie appears to be about two business owners trying their best to capitalize on the holiday season, a twist of fate shows a greater story of God’s provision and the great lengths He will go to demonstrate His love.

The Gift of Love
Two thousand years God gave His greatest gift to all the world, eternal life through His Son Jesus Christ. Even the biggest Scrooge can have a change of heart when flooded with the realization of God’s love. When Gary’s sales pick-up due to a toy invention, Tollman Toys begins to lose money. It will take a miracle and an act of love to turn the situation around.

This is a heart-warming film that shows the power of transformation and touches on the true meaning of Christmas which often gets buried by material distractions. A Bright Horizon Pictures and Crystal Creek Media production, Christmas Grace is a classic for all to see 365 days a year!

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