Allow them to rebuke you, it is their job after all.

Ah, the wounds of a friend. Although Scripture tells us that they are precious, it rarely feels that way. It is a wound, after all. Any good pastor will agonize over the need to confront one of their flock over behavior that is unbecoming or even dangerous to them. But, if they are wanting to fulfill their calling, they must do it anyway. If and when a pastor approaches you with love, kindness, and genuine concern for you, please listen. They are there to help you and to protect you from harm.

Being a leader of a local church is one of the hardest and most complicated jobs in the world. It requires extraordinary leadership, a deft hand at playing politics (every church has them), and a tender heart. No pastor can do it alone. They need help. Your help. This list is but 9 simple ways to help out a pastor, but it is by no means comprehensive. Far from it. The list could go on and on, because the list of a Pastor’s needs is long indeed. Anything you can do to let them know that they are not alone, and can rely on you is helpful indeed.