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The resurrection of Jesus was the most significant event that ever took place. While people tend to think of the resurrection in a biblical context, it is more than an event that just took place in history, and the results of the resurrection play important roles in our daily life. Something beautiful occurred when Jesus was resurrected, and the results of the resurrection are promised to every believer in Christ. We receive these results by accepting Jesus’ sacrifice and the new life offered through belief in Him. When you accept the resurrection into your heart, you will see your life transformation right in front of you. Here are six beautiful results of Jesus’ resurrection.


Jesus’ resurrection changes everything. It is the foundation for future hope in our lives. If no resurrection had taken place, we would have no future hope. Paul explains in First Corinthians that if Christ had not been raised from the dead, we are to be “pitied” as our hope in Christ fails to reach past present life (1 Corinthians 15:19). However, since Jesus has been raised, we can look death straight in the face knowing that it does not have a final victory. There is no lasting sting (1 Corinthians 15:54-55). Since Christ is risen, we know that sharing the gospel that Jesus is risen has great purpose and will always matter. If we did not have the resurrection, there would be no salvation, no gospel and no saving message.


The resurrection guards every step of our lives. This is because of God’s power. One of the biggest fears many of us have is facing trials and hardships. We never know what difficult situation we may have to take on tomorrow. We wonder if a test is too hard to endure or if something happens that will take us away from our walk with Jesus. The truth is, we do not know what the future holds. The world around s is dangerous, and the events we see in the news are heartbreaking. While God does not promise that the journey will be easy, the resurrection reminds us that we know Who holds the future. This kind of love protects us daily and does not go away, even when we fall short.


No matter what trial we’re facing today, we know that Jesus is there. The resurrection reassures us. When things didn’t make sense, and everything was complicated, God worked it all out for our good. He gave us the most incredible blessing humanity would ever receive. The truth is we grow the most during difficult times. Through these periods, we get the opportunity to press into God and nurture our relationship with Him. This is the only choice we have if we want to be able to get through challenging situations. When we completely trust God, He gives us a sense of comfort, knowing that He can work out any bad for good.


The resurrection reminds us that we have the power to take on the impossible. No matter our background, we can expect the impossible to show up. After Jesus died, the disciples believed everything was lost. However, Jesus showed a glorious outcome to the disciples; He conquered death through His death. Only the Lord could have been resurrected. When we trust in God, we know that we have the strength to take on the impossible. In this life, we can expect God to challenge us. Our faith will be tested, but a more extraordinary life is revealed than you could ever imagine when you trust God through the process.


There is no reason to live in guilt or shame because the resurrection assured the forgiveness of our sins. One of the most beautiful results of the resurrection is peace. Call on God to give you the peace of seeing that you are in the right relationship with Him. You must realize that if you are intentionally sinning against God, you cannot be in a healthy relationship with Him. You must deal with your sin if you want to experience the peace of God that passes all understanding. If you are ready to experience that only Jesus offers, you have to come to Jesus on His terms. This means living your life the ways Jesus leads you to live it. Every day, call on God for the forgiveness of your sins so that you can truly find peace.

His Final Return

One of the greatest things we can look forward to as a result of Jesus’ resurrection is His final return. This is also referred to as the Second Coming of Jesus. This will be one of the biggest events that will ever take place. Jesus’ Second Coming refers to the future return of Jesus to Earth after His ascension. At this moment, He will conquer the enemy, defeat evil and establish His millennial kingdom. Before Jesus’ final return, we are told many prophecies will be fulfilled. The Earth will be filled with darkness, but Jesus will bring light that will supersede this darkness. This will be a momentous turning point from the days of satan’s influence. We can have faith in Jesus’ final return because of His previous return. Jesus didn’t immediately ascend into Heaven; He stayed on Earth for 40 days following His resurrection. If Jesus returned after His resurrection, why would His second return be any different? If you believe in the Bible and God’s truth, you also believe in His ultimate return.

There is great hope in Jesus through His resurrection. We are given a glorious message that Jesus is not dead but that He has risen. It is a joy to know that we are offered the power of forever life because of Jesus’ resurrection. This forever life does not begin when we die. It begins the moment we accept Christi in our hearts and place our entire faith in Jesus.

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