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Known as the world’s wisest King, Solomon was an amazing teacher, builder, ruler, and writer.  In his gift of Proverbs, Solomon shares 31 chapters of God-breathed advice, common sense, instruction, and even riddles.  He was a man full of honesty, and God blessed the work He gave Solomon to do.  Culture today gives us a lot of information, media-driven ideas, and sensationalized messages masked as good choices, but most of those fall flat when compared to the wisdom that God shared with Solomon years before Jesus was born.  We can all take his Proverbs to heart as important, fresh, and logical wisdom for teaching kids the ways of God’s Kingdom.  As a human, Solomon learned that obeying God not only worked but also allowed him to teach his son good lessons.  When he made choices against what God said was right, he received those bitter consequences as well.

Learning from Biblical characters gives us the opportunity to reflect on our own lives, lighting our paths to gain insight from both their promotions and their pitfalls. We can gain wisdom by adhering to the lessons Scripture teaches us, which gives us the opportunity to pass that wisdom onto our children.  By connecting with Solomon and his ancient wisdom, we are comforted and counseled by God Himself.  He is giving us many answers before we need them, always going before us to help us while we live on Earth.  What a generous portion Proverbs is when guiding and teaching us the simple lessons of God!  Solomon’s prayer for wisdom was answered.  He could have asked for anything, but what he asked for was beautiful, courageous, and honoring to God.

Let’s look a little deeper at some of the lessons Solomon shares with us and how they can be applied to your child’s life and yours as well!

Solomon prayed!

If God asked you for anything you wanted, would you have chosen wisdom? I’m so glad that Solomon did. Because he asked for a good gift, God provided for him abundantly.  Not only did he become wise, but he became a writer, a teacher, and a good instructor to his son. He spent time counseling him with the brilliance that He was inheriting from God, and it also became part of the Bible! Reading Proverbs is a gift to anyone because the short, concise lessons can be easily explained to kids in a way that tells the truth, makes them think, and even makes them laugh! Now is your chance; take a few minutes to sit and pray that God would give you wisdom, that he would fill your heart with truth, compassion, and joy as you learn the ways of His Kingdom.

Solomon spoke with honesty!

It can be easy to beat around the bush or stay silent on topics that are important.  Being truthful always benefits those around us, even if it can be difficult.  Solomon was honest in his writings, sharing very bluntly the ways we can learn from wisdom! Comfort can come from correction, and Solomon was not scared to share direct instruction, counsel, and advice in his Proverbs.  He wasn’t scared to hurt feelings or offend others, he was more concerned with teaching what was right and good in the eyes of God. What are a few, honest truths from the Proverbs that you can practice? Can you think of several verses of instruction that you can write out, post around the house, or remember to practice?  Honesty is God’s gift to us. Have fun being obedient with His care in mind!

Solomon built well!

Solomon used the wisdom, instruction, and wealth he accrued to build beauty, the temple, and other buildings.  It’s easy to buy things, but it is much harder to build them on your own.  Learning the art of architecture is a sign of intelligence, strength, brain power, and dedication.  It’s not always easy to create, but Solomon did so in a wonderful way that was honoring to God and was in remembrance of Him.  What are some of the ways that you can build?  Are there simple ways you can contribute to your home, your neighborhood, or your community?

Solomon became wealthy in his request for wisdom.

It’s pretty amazing to think that Solomon didn’t ask God to become rich but he became rich as a byproduct of asking for wisdom. God always goes above and beyond what we ask for. The fact that Solomon didn’t make a selfish request lead to the opportunity for God to bless him even more than he asked.  How many times do we ask for our desires to be fulfilled instead of asking God for His will in a situation? Most often than not, asking for our needs to be met is a common request.  Yet when Solomon asked that he be wise with God’s heart, he was given both wisdom and abundance.  Can you think of a problem you’re currently struggling with? Ask for God to move in the situation as He sees fit, to provide what you need even if it’s not what you want, and then see how God responds! He will likely surprise you with an even better answer than you could have imagined.

Solomon thought with deep intentionality.

Taking the opportunity to dive deeper into the Scriptures is a wonderful way to get to know God more fully.  Solomon gave us some riddles in the Proverbs that push us to think more about subjects than what is first seen or heard.  Proverbs 25:2 tells us “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of kings to investigate a matter.” God loves hide and seek! Sometimes we have to search a bit to find our answer, but it’s in those times of searching, praying, or thinking through something more deeply that God can move in our hearts and in our heads.  What are some situations in your life that may seem confusing? Ask God to show you more than meets the eye.  Ask Him to shine His light on what you need to know about Who He is or what He wants to show you.

Solomon taught us well through his writings.  His wisdom will last a lifetime and will teach adults and children the importance of prayer, common sense, care, instruction, and Godly advice.  Though he made mistakes (like we all do and will), he is a wonderful person in Scripture to learn from and study.  We can be very grateful for the way he addresses difficult topics, understands truth, shares wisdom, and helps us all make better decisions.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to spend time in the wise writing of King Solomon, now is the perfect time to jump in!

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