God’s power is so much greater than any prescription or human wisdom. Our Heavenly Father promises us relief from our troubles in this world and the next. People throughout the centuries have witnessed God’s dramatic deliverance from physical and mental sickness, financial woes, and other forms of trouble. There are also times when people wondered where God was when they were sick. They called out to Him and felt like He didn’t answer. They ask why God hasn’t cured their condition or at least helped to relieve the pain. In times of sorrow and discouragement, we can turn to scripture, pray, and be encouraged by God’s Word. Here are five reasons God hasn’t healed you yet.

He is making you wait.

Waiting for healing is incredibly difficult, especially when it comes to painful conditions. This can cause great stress and agony. You’re not sure when you’ll find relief. As difficult as waiting is, it can significantly build spiritual muscles. Isaiah 40:31 says, “But they who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount with wings like eagles, they shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not faint.” This is a powerful promise, but for those who are suffering, it can be difficult to wait. Those who are in situations where they are forced to wait can have their prayer life strengthened. They pray without ceasing. When we are in pain, sick, saddened, and discouraged, we can turn our thoughts to prayer more easily. Waiting also strengthens our faith. God is working during our waiting period.

It isn’t time.

God is merciful, but that may be the last thing we’re thinking about when we’re struggling with pain. These are the time when we focus on the ways God hasn’t measured up to our standards. We may even find ourselves disappointed. We lose sight of the miracles God has presented in our lives and the lives of those around us. We no longer focus on the blessings we’ve received and focus on the healing God hasn’t given us. This is a natural, human response, but that doesn’t mean that we should look at it this way. These moments also don’t mean that God had forgotten about or abandoned us. It simply means that the healing He plans for us is in His time, not ours. Sometimes, the plans God has for us are greater than our own. You might pray for healing to come into your life right now, but God is making you stronger so you can take your battle head-on. You may have to go through a trial, so you have a testimony for someone later. Just because God hasn’t answered your healing prayers yet doesn’t mean He doesn’t love us or plan to heal us.

They believe that sickness is a requirement of God.

Many people feel like God is using their sickness to teach others a lesson or to share in the sufferings of Jesus. As previously mentioned, God may be using you for a testimony to share with others, but this thought process may convince them that God requires them to be sick. When you believe that God requires sickness, you may not seek God for healing. Yes, there are lessons and takeaways from pain and battling sickness. We should still pursue healing from God. If you need healing, be sure you are taking your health seriously. If circumstances are hindering your healing, take care of it right now. Be sure you are in a place to receive healing.

They feel undeserving of His healing.

There are many people who don’t feel like they are worthy of God’s healing. They think that the prayers they give to God and their healing requests are not worthy in God’s eyes. They also think their requests aren’t important than all the things God has to do, so they are undeserving of God’s miracles. The truth is, we don't earn healing from God. It’s a gift, just like grace. We must put ourselves in positions to be healed. This means letting go of the need for control and being open to what that healing may look like.

It isn’t God’s Will.

This is the toughest one to digest. How is your healing not God’s Will when He cares for you? The Bible says, “If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you” (John 15:7). Some people think this verse means that if we simply tell God what we want, He will give it to us. This is not what the verse means. If you are trying to figure out why your healing isn’t going according to your plans, you must remember our healing is about God’s Will for us. This is why we should focus on the word abiding in the passage. Abiding means “to live in, dwell in, and remain in.” When we develop an intimate relationship with God, we begin to have a clearer sense of the things we should pray for and what His Will may be for us. Sometimes, we never understand what that Will is or discover that our Will isn’t His.

This doesn’t mean that God loves you any less. It just means His plans for us are different than ours.

Most of us have had experiences or will have experiences where we need healing. It may seem like the prayers for our healing go unanswered. This can turn to days, weeks, or years where we don’t have the answers we’re looking for, and we’re left wondering if God is listening and still answering prayer. We must remember that God does not abandon us. The truth is, He is incredibly close in pain, the hurting, and the confusion. God doesn’t expect you to cover your pain up with a smile either. He expects us to be honest about what we’re going through and share that pain with Him. Continue to pray faithfully, wait patiently and trust in His Will for our lives. God makes no mistakes.

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