Experiencing Jesus’ love encourages us to share that love with those around us. We realize Jesus called us to spread the gospel, but evangelizing can be difficult. How can we share our faith using methods that inspire people to pay attention? Here are some new ways to spread the gospel.

Spreading the gospel means sharing the good news: a loving God gives people a chance to enjoy true love through relationships with their Creator forever. Gospel means “good news,” so when we spread the gospel, we share the news of how Jesus sacrificed Himself so eternal salvation is possible for all souls who believe in Him, as described in John 3:16.

Jesus wants everyone who believes in Him to assist others with believing in Him by sharing the gospel message. Mark 16:15-16 tells us to go into the world and share the gospel with everyone. Whoever is baptized and believes in God will be saved. However, those who don’t believe will be condemned.

The Bible’s message on spreading the gospel.

The call from Jesus to preach the gospel to all creation is called the Great Commission, the assignment that Jesus gave people before His ascension to heaven. The Great Commission is in several places in the Bible, like Matthew 28:19-20, Luke 24:47, and John 20:21. In Acts 1:8, Jesus illustrates sharing the gospel as His witness to others, saying that we’ll get power when the Holy Spirit comes to us. We’ll be His witnesses in Judea, Jerusalem, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

The Bible explains that Christians are ambassadors for Jesus as we interact with others. 2 Corinthians 5:20 reminds us that we are Christ’s ambassadors, as if God were making His appeal through His people. Therefore, we should be settled with God. This idea means that God is counting on us to share the gospel. We can do that by setting an example of what faith in action is.

Numerous people are looking for the hope that Jesus can give, but not enough people are sharing the gospel to reach them all yet. In Matthew 9:3-38, Jesus told His disciples that the harvest was bountiful, but there were few workers. Still, we should ask the Lord for the harvest to send out workers into the harvest field. We don’t have to be concerned about anything but sharing the gospel message faithfully. When we do that, we can trust God to bring positive outcomes from our efforts.

2 Timothy 2:15 inspires us to do our best to be present to God because workers don’t need to be ashamed if they correctly handle the truth. Romans 1:16 also encourages us to keep the power of the gospel in mind. When thinking about the best way to spread the gospel to people you know, it may be best to start with prayer. We should ask the Holy Spirit to help us on a daily basis with knowledge on how to share the gospel and bring people into our lives who need to hear His message. Here are some new ways to spread the gospel.

Allow God’s love to flow through your life.

Allowing God’s love to move through your life and into others’ lives is the best way to share the gospel because, at His core, God is love. Whenever people feel love by intermingling with you, those feelings will point them toward God. Being intentional about loving someone can open your heart and mind to make that love a reality. Choosing to love others can lead us to experience more happiness, less stress, and awe. Once you love people, they’ll feel comfortable talking with you, and you can tell them about how God loves them.

Pay attention to people’s stories.

Everyone has valuable stories. You can display your adoration for others by paying attention and listening to their stories. It would be best to listen more than you talk. After you’ve gotten to know them, tell them how you see God working in their lives. Then, you could ask them to consider how their stories mesh with the more significant narrative of God’s actions in their lives and the world. God made our minds to react to stories. Because of this, Jesus used to speak in stories, or parables, to share spiritual truths. Stories connect our emotions and intellect. You can connect with people on both levels and help them connect to the gospel by listening to their stories.

Accept people for who they are.

Sometimes, people are frightened to talk about God with others because they fear that others will judge them. However, we should remember that only God can judge someone, as described in Romans 2. If we judge others, we will also be judged, as stated in Mathew 7. You could help people relax around you by trying not to judge them, no matter how much you disagree with their choices. Like God meets you where you are, try to meet others where they are and show them unconditional love. If people know they can open up to you, they’ll be open to discussing the gospel message with you.

Encourage questions instead of giving answers.

It’s crucial to answer people’s spiritual questions, but don’t stop there. You can help them engage on a deeper level with the gospel by inspiring them to ask more questions and motivating them to seek God more. Spark people’s curiosity and challenge them to try praying, even if they don’t know if God exists or if He’ll answer their prayers. It may help to ask them to try studying the Bible and ask if they want you to help. It may also be best not to limit conversations to topics you’re comfortable with, but be willing to discuss whatever interests them. If you don’t have an answer, tell them the truth instead of giving a pat answer. Help them uncover more about what they want to know.

The hope God gives is too good to keep to ourselves. Jesus wants all believers to spread the gospel to others, so don’t hesitate when you have the opportunity to do so. Do your best and trust God with the outcome. As you share the gospel with people in new ways, God’s love will move through you into their lives.

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