The prosperity gospel is less than a half-truth. The God of the Bible is good; the God of the Bible indeed blesses. But the God of the Bible is the God who will see us through regardless of the circumstances. God sometimes blesses and we raise our hands in thanks. But other times we are not experiencing the blessing of God (or at least we think we are not), and what we learn is that God is there, watching and waiting for us to trust him, obey him, and learn that in loving him we have life's deepest blessing. He's with us, through thick and thin. Some days are good and we thank God for his blessings. Some days are difficult and we are summoned by the good God to trust, to be faithful, not to lose heart, and to hang on in the hope that Someday, Somehow God will step into history one more time and turn the world upside down so that justice will be established, peace will reign, and love will connect everyone. We may or we may not be prosperous; what we are called to be is faithful and loving.