Debate: Is It OK Now To Speak Ill of Rev. Falwell?
A hero to some but despised by many, Jerry Falwell left a trail of controversy that continues to spark bad feelings inside and outside the Christian and political realms. Should we still be angry at him?

Discuss: How Will He Be Remembered?
From the board: "How will American Christians remember him, and what do you think his legacy will be?"

Discuss: Gays Look Forward and Back
From the board: “God bless him. And, thank God we don't have to suffer him any longer.”

Jerry Falwell Prayer Memorial
Share your prayers

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He Changed Politics, But Did He Change Souls?
Jerry Falwell has died, and so the discussion begins…
By David Kuo

The End of an Era
There goes half the conservative evangelical sources in the average American journalist's Rolodex.
By Rod Dreher

There Is No Next Falwell
Seeing Rick Warren or Max Lucado on a TV news show may not bring the controversy networks want, but is a more accurate picture of Christianity than Falwell's.
By Doug Howe


Bringing God into the Public Square
Falwell changed the role of religion in U.S. history because he concluded that his own theological ancestors were wrong.
By Steven Waldman

Jerry Falwell and Me
He polarized my hometown--but when I met him, I liked him.
By Deborah Caldwell

Jerry Fallwell: A 'Pioneer' for Christianity
In an interview, Baptist leader Richard Land says that Jerry Falwell was a friend and a gifted minister--not the caricature the media made of him.


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