For Easter, Beliefnet asked our members to share photos of traditional and unique eggs. We are happy to announce the winner of our Easter Egg Contest as well as the honorable mention. Please stay tuned as the images below become part of next year's Easter eCards on BeliefnetGreetings. Thank you to everyone who submitted photos and shared their traditions with us!

WINNER: Elizabeth T. Coon - Scottsdale, AZ

Elizabeth Coon writes: "These eggs are decorated in a Ukrainian style I love called 'Pysanky.' Because my husband is of Ukrainian decent, when I create these eggs, I feel a connection to his culture and to the longevity of a wonderful tradition. I have been creating 'Pysanky' eggs for over ten years and I am in the process of teaching my children. This technique involves using beeswax, a candle, and colored dye. First, I draw the design with a pencil. Second, I fill in the areas I want to remain white. Third, I dip the egg into a color dye (i.e. yellow). Fourth, I take out the egg and cover the area that I want to stay the same color. I then continue dipping the egg in-and-out of different colors, moving from light to dark, until the process and the design is complete."

Marie Rollins - Fredericksburg, VA

Marie Rollins writes: "The idea for these eggs came when I prayed for a unique way to say 'I Love You' during Easter. Using a Wilton mold, I first make two separate egg shells from edible sugar. Next, I fill the shells with Hershey kisses, and then, I "glue" the shells together with different flavors of icing. Every year, I make these eggs for friends and family. They just crack open the eggs and enjoy the surprise inside!"
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