Michael Baigent made headlines when he sued Dan Brown for plagiarizing ideas for "The Da Vinci Code" from "Holy Blood, Holy Grail," which Baigent coauthored. Now Baigent is raising eyebrows with his new book, "The Jesus Papers," in which he claims that Christ survived the crucifixion--and that he's seen documents proving that Jesus was alive as late as 45 C.E.

In a video interview, Baigent expanded on and defended his theory:

Jesus the Zealot
How Baigent was led to explore his controversial hypothesis.

Christ in Egypt
There, Jesus had a transformative encounter with mysticism. 
The Crucifixion & Beyond
Jesus' life leading up to, and following, his experience on the cross. 

The Cover-Up
To protect orthodox doctrine, the early church suppressed evidence of the historical Jesus.
Documentary Evidence
The ancient documents that Baigent cites as proof--and why they're kept secret.

The Vatican
A history of stifling opinions contrary to established doctrine.

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