Post your memories of Billy Graham Crusades

"Billy Graham came to El Paso, Texas sometime in the mid sixties. I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at the altar call - although the exact date eludes me, the experience was the strongest of my life and is working changes in me to this day."

"In the early 70s a group of us kids went to a Billy Graham revival. I don't remember the date, just the experience. That experience changed my life. A 'chance' meeting with Billy Graham started me on a spiritual quest in my life that continues today. From that moment on I wanted to find God and to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I have that personal relationship now and I know that the Holy Spirit was there that day more than 30 years ago and found me. I remember going forward that day and not quite understanding all of it. But I didn't need to. God has been working in my life ever since. Billy Graham, in my opinion, is a true man of God." --angel-b

"In 1983, I was 22 years old, an unmarried new mom...Money was really tight. I remember cutting all my white towels in half to use as diapers. I would wash them out in the tub and dry them on the radiators at night. I was scared and confused and just trying to get by and do the best I could for my darling baby boy.

"Then one night I watched a Billy Graham crusade on an old round screen TV that had been given to me. My son was very fussy that night and as I paced the living room floor holding him, I hung on every word Mr. Graham said. I felt like he was speaking directly to me. That night while holding my baby close I said a special prayer along with Billy Graham on television. I cried tears of joy afterwards as I felt free from all the worries and sadness I had been feeling. I couldn't wait to get up the next morning and share my good news with everyone. Today I am married to a wonderful man. ...Our family never misses an opportunity to watch a Billy Graham special together. I will never forget him or that special night when he brought me to the Lord." --pixieblondemom

"I remember when he came to Sacramento, Calif. It was the late 60s, early 70s...My father insisted that we attend. I can't say that I was all that enthused to have to spend an entire week, each night, attending what I considered to be a church service. But I soon found out that this and the man speaking, were much more than that. There was a power emanating in that gathering that I had never experienced. As the week went on, I found myself brought to tears and my knees. It was there that I found my Savior Jesus Christ for the first time." --gtwaddell

"I don't share practically any of Billy Graham's beliefs, but I respect him as a good Christian and a good man. He tries to bring people to God by appealing to their love, not to their fears and hate like his son." --LibChristian

"In the late 80s Billy Graham brought his crusade to Syracuse. I was fortunate to have attended two of his meetings while he was here. What I remember is that a strong sense of peace pervaded the atmosphere. He had toned down his preaching and was more real and less theatrical than what I remember hearing over the radio in the 50s as a young girl. Someone shouted at him from a balcony while he was here: 'What are you doing for the poor?' He never angered or responded or became annoyed. Just pure peace...He went to lunch everyday at Red Lobster while he was here and spoke to everyone he could. The patrons and wait staff were so touched.

"One of the nights that I attended he talked about psychiatry and emotional problems. I think we all have some of that and I had unsuccessfully taken a stab at counseling. It was like he custom-tailored that sermon just for me. Pure peace. That is the Holy Spirit when things like that happen. When I became a Catholic, I was discouraged from attending services of other faiths as a commitment to my own. I was happy to see nuns and priests in Billy's congregation, an unbelievable unity. Again, the Holy Spirit. I was happy that I wasn't asked: 'Are you saved?' Instead, he asked people not only to commit their lives to Christ but to reaffirm their commitment and come forward at the end of the service. And he would always say, if you came with others and you are worried about getting to the car and bus, they'll wait on you (a Southernism). I put Billy Graham in the same category as John Paul II---a gift from God to the world. God bless Billy Graham." --Motherfunkydiva

"I was very fortunate to have known Billy Graham when he was a young preacher in the suburbs of Chicago. A group of the young people from our church would drive out to hear him, probably more impressed with his good looks than his message at that time. After all, we were (only) teenagers. However, he has always had the ability of holding one's attention. Then the Holy Spirit takes over and does the convicting. What a masterful job! We never left the same as we went.

"After marriage and a large family, plus a move to the Southwest, I sang in the choir under the artful direction of Cliff Barrows in the Crusade in Phoenix, Arizona and also was a counselor after a week of training by the Crusade Staff. Everything is so well-organized, it is a pleasure to serve. It is Billy's motto that everything be done "decently, and in order" (I Corinthians 14:40) ...Besides being friends to the rich and famous, Billy is a servant to the down-and-out of our world. There will never be another person like him." --Flutterbug

"He is the most prolific evangelist since the Apostle Paul. I have read that over 250 million people have answered God's calling to Christ in his Crusades. If you ever get the chance to experience one, do it. I did and my life was changed." --businesmn9

"As a child I was forced to listen to Billy Graham's Bible-thumping preaching, which our Pentecostal church had on film. It put me off evangelists for life! I don't think that sort of preaching does much good for anyone. These crusades usually end up in mass hysteria with folk flocking to the front not having too much idea of why they are there. A survey was conducted on how many people who made some commitment during one of these campaigns actually stayed with it after the euphoria had died down, very few is the answer!

"If I sound bitter it is towards all things Pentecostal of which BG is a part. I was brought up on hell-fire sermons and I now think that sort of preaching should have a public health warning as it can seriously screw kids up." --Tangnefedd

"I was a counselor at the 1959 Crusade in Sydney, Australia. I found it an uplifting experience. One outcome was the numbers of folk who made a commitment to Christ at that Crusade and who have continued on in their faith. One is the present Archbishop of the Anglican church in Sydney. There are many others with whom I am acquainted. Some have passed on but many base their beginning of their walk towards God from that Crusade. The follow-up in the churches ensured that many went on in their faith.

Billy Graham struck me as a man of simple faith who liked to categorize his faith into simple steps to follow Christ." --birwin

"Mr. Graham is a typical wishy-washy clergyman.... How can he say that Christ is the ONLY way to the Father, and yet ALSO say that there will be NON-Christians in heaven?" --Brainscramble

"During a crusade in Ottawa Canada (1999?) he gave an interview and said some very insightful things:

'I preached Americanism too much...I began to realize we are not the Kingdom of God.'

'When names are called for crowns in heaven, they will be the nameless hidden saints among us. They may not be called Christians. They just love God.'

Post your memories of Billy Graham Crusades