Beliefnet's "Ask the Scholars" feature is now closed. We invite you to join the Historical Jesus and Paul discussions on our message boards.

In April 2004, Beliefnet welcomed the highly regarded Bible scholars below to our boards, where they answered user questions about Jesus and Paul.

Robert W. Funk Robert W. Funk is the founder of the Westar Institute and co-chair of the Jesus Seminar. A Guggenheim Fellow and Senior Fulbright Scholar, he has served as Annual Professor of the American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalem and as chair of the Graduate Department of Religion at Vanderbilt University. He was Executive Secretary of the Society of Biblical Literature from 1968-1973. His books include: "A Credible Jesus: Fragments of a Vision" (2002) "The Five Gospels: What Did Jesus Really Say?" (1993) and "The Acts of Jesus: What Did Jesus Really Do?" (1998)

Ben Witherington III Ben Witherington III is professor of New Testament interpretation at Asbury Seminary in Kentucky. He has written over twenty books, including "The Paul Quest" and, most recently, "Paul's Letter to the Romans: A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary." His survey of the contemporary scholarship on the historical Jesus, "The Jesus Quest: The Third Search for the Jew of Nazareth" (InterVarsity Press, 1995), was selected as the top biblical studies book of 1995 by Christianity Today and the Academy of Parish Clergy.

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