When you give to charity, don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.
Matthew 6:3

If our gifts have a hook-some expectation of a certain response or return-they are not true gifts. Giving is a wonderful practice if it really is a letting go, a total detachment, a true gift to the other.

Help me to offer true gifts today, to give without agendas or expectations.

I am giving you a new commandment: love one another as I have loved you.
John 13:34

This commandment is the foundation stone of a practice which essentially means the effort to live and love as Jesus did, bringing his perspective to every moral choice, to every challenging moment along our path.

Help me in the challenging moments of this day to imagine how Jesus would speak and act, letting that be a guide to what I say and do.

Peace is what I leave behind for you; I give you my peace.
John 14:27

The peace Jesus refers to here is not complacency, the apathy of the uninvolved, but a deep harmony with the divine mystery, the Tao or flow of the universe. Touched by the divine, petty troubles and cares fade away.

Thank you for letting me experience Your peace in all the unrest of this day.

Become passersby.
Gospel of Thomas 42

The Buddha taught: "All that you have, you will lose." Jesus too reminds us that all things pass away and that there is no point in trying to cling to them. Not clinging frees us up to love and cherish what is offered in each moment.

Let me experience the deep peace that comes from celebrating what is in each moment without clinging to any of it.

He would knows all but fails to know himself lacks everything.
Gospel of Thomas 67

Knowledge of things outside of ourselves cannot replace the inner wisdom that connects us with both our deepest self and the divine. To act in the world without any effort to clarify our own consciousness is to court disaster.

May I never confuse worldly knowledge with spiritual wisdom.
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