Can Jesus help you make that three-pointer? A line of statuettes offered by Catholic Shopper implies that He just might be able to help out. The figurines show Jesus playing sports like baseball, soccer, and hockey with two children. Christ is white-robed, sandaled, and tall; the children wear typical athletic uniforms.

The theological conundrums raised by the figurines are myriad. If you were playing a sport with Jesus, would you let Him win? Should He let you win? Does His height give Him an unfair advantage over the smaller children? When He's playing with them, whose side is He on? Where in first-century Palestine did He obtain ice hockey skates? These and other questions await your discussion.

The company's statement on the product notes: "People should find Jesus everywhere in their lives. Jesus is alongside us in everything we do. We should thank him for the many gifts and talents he has given us. If people really thought about the symbolism of Jesus with us in everything we do, they should not be offended [by the statuettes]. We have statues of Jesus, Mary, the Holy Family, etc. that people put in their homes all the time. There should not be that big of a difference showing Jesus interacting with us."

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