I like being a Presbyterian because the Presbyterian church focuses on the Bible as the inerrant word of the one true God. In my church (PCA) the infallibity of scripture is the most important part of the Bible. Without inerrant scripture, there is no way to accept the Bible; therefore, the Presbyterian church, in my experience, offers the most logical, scripture based view of Christianity.

-- jsoell


I like the type of church leadership, and that we baptize both infants and adults. Plus, it's a fun word to say :)

-- Dame_Xian

I like being a Presbyterian because it embraces reason and education as a part of one's faith, because of the focus on tradition and liturgy, because of the hymns, because women are accepted into leadership roles (PCUSA, that is), and because of the quiet and lack of "show" in the services.
-- presbygirl79

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