How did these people deal with those little niggling problems wehave with other people--problems that are obstacles on the spiritual path?

Bonhoeffer begins with an insight that the Christian must bearthe burden of a neighbor...of a brother. The Christian must suffer and endure thebrother. It is only when he is a burden that another person is really yourbrother and not merely an object to be manipulated.

This cycle begins with another Orthodox Christian, Kallistos Ware. He says that a whole person is a person who is on the one side open to God and the other side open to other human persons. The isolated individual is not a real person.

Yet some of these people had a limited sphere of activity with the neighbor.

But even these felt connected to others, prayed for others, felt connected to the communion of saints and other fellow Christians. There's no feeling of the heroic individual here. They're always united to their fellows in spirit.

Any last thoughts?

After I'd finished the book, I read that the whole Christian teaching could be summed up in two words: Alleluia and Amen. That's wonder again. Praise and glory and thanksgiving. "Alleluia" for all the gifts of life, and "Amen": So be it, thy will be done. I could not have done the chapters--I could have just summed up that most perfect union in a two-word book: Alleluia and Amen.