In his book The Yes Anxiety: Taming the Fear of Commitment, Presbyterianminister Blaine Smith describes four steps that individuals can take to findhealing from their fear of commitment.

1 - Understand what scares you and why. At every point where commitment isthreatening, individuals need to "reshape [their] outlook to more accuratelyreflect how God sees the Christian life," Smith says.

2 - Recognize your mood swings and emotions. When the panic of commitmentsets in, fear can take on a life of its own. It is important for individualsto recognize these emotions and to develop practical ways to stop the paniccycle, Smith says.

3 - See the benefit of a commitment. Many people understand that they needto commit but don't recognize what they will gain from a specificcommitment, he says.

4 - Take steps that frighten you. "The time comes when it's important tomake commitments even though some fears and doubts remain," Smith says.Doing so can convince you that you have the ability to make successfulcommitments.