Reprinted with permission from Charisma magazine.

1. Are the people who are asking for money modeling Christlike servanthood, or salesmanship and self-promotion? 2. Are they exalting Jesus Christ or exalting people and ministries? 3. Do they model prayerful dependency on God, or do they use pressure and manipulation to incite others to give? 4. Do they give people an opportunity to quietly and patiently hear from God, or do they insist that the giving must be done "now" or "instantly"? 5. Is there evidence of humility, purity and integrity in their demeanor and presentation, or do they use insincere hype, pushiness and striving? 6. Do they offer a sincere, faith-building presentation of Scriptures and testimonies or misleading promises and fear-inducing suggestions? 7. Does this ministry have a record of spiritual fruit that honors God, or is their reputation marred by unsubstantiated claims and exaggerated reports? 8. Do the people asking for money have godly lifestyles of humility and servanthood, or do they live as pampered people who require egotistical titles and lavish living? 9. Is the ministry financially accountable, or are false assurances used to gain credibility? 10. Do they ever imply that giving in an offering will increase a person's spiritual gifts or level of anointing?
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