A Christian can certainly apply the Four Noble Truths to their life in their quest to lessen their suffering, while still holding fast to the idea that the desire for God is the only craving that must remain untouched. The Eightfold Path, too, holds great potential as a path to living out the will of God, as it directs us to treat others and ourselves in a way that does not cause pain.

A Buddhist, likewise, can learn from the Christian to see suffering as meaningful, rather than simply something to be escaped—when it is inescapable, realizing that it can have a purpose can do much for the ability to persevere.

The problem of pain is as old as humankind, itself—a problem that nearly every belief system attempts to address. Likewise, each of these belief systems contains wisdom, contains paths through which we might navigate the sorrows of life.

Remain open to receiving this wisdom from worldviews that may not be your own—the mind that can hold strong to its own worldview while still taking these nuggets of truth from other, possibly opposing, worldviews, is a strong one, and one that will take its owner through even the worst of trials.