10 Catholic Tees to Command Your Faith

Compiled by Sherry Huang

Summer's around the corner and we've collected t-shirts for a more Catholic audience. You can try this tee on for size: "CIA (Catholics in Action)," a design that identifies you as an agent--along with a few other famous saints--in the Lord's secret army of followers.

Some of the designs here are irreverent with their pop culture references, but we hope you'll continue to look at which designs best reflect the Catholic faith in unique ways.

Click through our gallery of funny Catholic t-shirts.

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Sherry Huang is an associate editor at Beliefnet.

I Love My German Shepherd

Show that you love the pope in this tee layered with meaning: Just as German shepherds (the dog) lead sheep to safety, so the German pope guides (or shepherds) his flock of Catholic followers toward faith.

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Mary Is My Homegirl

Before Kabbalah, Madonna showed off her Catholic roots by being part of Mary's entourage in this tee. You can also be part of Jesus' entourage in a "Jesus Is My Homeboy" tee.

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Remember that Jesus first carried the cross and walked a long, difficult road so you can go forward in faith. Let Jesus lead the way when you get to a busy intersection--or, crosswalk.

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What Would Mary Do?

Instead of asking "What Would Jesus Do?," you can now ask what the (Virgin) Mary would do in tough situations.

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The iconic blue-and-red Obama "Hope" image seen everywhere during the 2008 presidential campaign is given a religious update with Pope Benedict and the word "Pope."

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OMG Annunciation

Fra Angelico's "Annunciation" is radically updated with speech bubbles filled with modern lingo. The angel Gabriel announces Mary's pregnancy with the male gender symbol while Mary reveals her shock with the instant messaging acronym for "Oh My God."

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Mac's well-known iPod ad designs are given a Catholic spin with this tee of a woman displaying her rosary in lieu of an iPod. The word "iPray" proudly declares her prayer-ful mind.

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Paparatzi Pope Art

Andy Warhol's famous silkscreens of Marilyn Monroe's face is given a fresh take with Pope Benedict's own face, giving new meaning to the term pop(e) art.

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Confession Junkie

Don't camouflage your sins. Tell others you regularly atone for your wrongs by attending confession.

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Lego Pope

Reveal your playful side by wearing this design of the pope transformed into a Lego figure complete with a cross staff.

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