The Process
From Mourning to Conclave: The schedule of events

Q&A on Selecting the Next Pope

Your Questions Answered
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The Contenders
The Contenders
Conservative or liberal? European or Third World? What the cardinals will consider when choosing the next pope. By David Gibson

What the Cardinals May Want
Factors they'll consider in choosing a pope

Top 14 Possible Successors
By John Allen

The Next Pope and the Third World

What Do You Believe?
  • Take the survey about the future of the Catholic Church
  • What if you could choose the next pope? Sign up now to place your vote

  • Where Are the World's Catholics?
    Maps: Compare 1950 to 2000

    Interfaith Views
    The Pope the Jews Need
    While some Jewish leaders want the next pope to pity the Jews, what we need is a partner against secularism. By David Klinghoffer
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