"From the perspective of Christian faith, Pope John Paul II was never amore compelling witness to the hope of the Gospel than in his last years andmonths. Even in his diminishment and dying, our Holy Father offered himselfas a gift for the church and the world, emptying himself, pouring himselfout before us ... and through self-giving unto death, has become life, lightand love for the world."
-- Cardinal Roger Mahony, archbishop of Los Angeles

"Our beloved Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, has been called home toGod. To his dying breath, he has served God and the church with unwaveringlove and his own steadfast faith in Jesus Christ."
-- Cardinal Adam Maida, archbishop of Detroit

"This pope may have come from a faraway place, but he grew close to thehearts of millions over the years in every part of the world."
-- Cardinal Justin Rigali, archbishop of Philadelphia

"His Holiness John Paul II will be remembered as one of the mostcourageous spiritual leaders of our time. He demonstrated this courage asmuch in his illness as he did through his leadership, his writings and hispronouncements."
-- The Rev. Samuel Kobia, general secretary of the World Council ofChurches.

"He was truly the pope of peace, whose commitment to the cause of peaceis unmatched in our time."
-- Carl Anderson, supreme knight, Knights of Columbus

"A man of the people, he championed the cause of justice and peace notonly for his native Poland but on behalf of all the peoples of the world. Hewelcomed into his embrace people of every creed and race, but his love foryoung people was a special example of his care for all."

-- The Rev. Mark Hanson, presiding bishop of the Evangelical LutheranChurch in America and president of the Lutheran World Federation

"Pope John Paul II was a religious leader of inordinate conviction,courage and compassion who bridged the gulf between intellect and spirit,piety and poverty, church and synagogue to leave the world a better place."
-- Rabbi Ismar Schorsch, chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminaryin New York

"In word and deed, Pope John Paul II worked tirelessly to repair thechurch's painful 2,000-year history with the Jewish people. ... He was a manof God in every sense and a true friend whose visionary leadership will besorely missed."
-- Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League

"The historic and landmark contributions that he made to Catholic-Jewishrelations were pioneering and invaluable. The pope's denunciation ofanti-Semitism as a sin against God, which he made as he traveled around theworld, is all the more important in light of the alarming trends we seetoday."
-- Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America

"His voice and moral authority gave inspiration and hope to millionswell beyond the Roman Catholic Church. His commitment to the unity of thechurch expressed itself in his personal willingness to meet withrepresentatives of other faith communities and to invite those outside hisown tradition to reflect on how the ministry of the bishop of Rome might beof greater service both in the cause of Christian unity and the well-beingof the world."
-- The Most Rev. Frank T. Griswold, presiding bishop of the EpiscopalChurch

"I hope that this pope will be remembered most for the remarkable thingshe did to bring forgiveness to a higher level of discussion in Christiancircles. That will, I believe, be one of his lasting legacies and perhapshis greatest achievement as pope. On a personal level, the pope forgave hiswould-be assassin -- a remarkable act and an amazing testimony to Christianforgiveness.
-- John Witvliet, director of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worshipat Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Mich.

"Pope John Paul II was one of the giants of our time. The pope enlistedhis vigorous intellect, abundant charisma and considerable will in causes ofpeace and political freedom. In so doing, he changed not only his church,but our world. His influence will echo down the ages."
-- The Right Rev. John Chane, Episcopal bishop of Washington

" He's ... a pope that has reached out ... as far as he could afford toreach. He's reached out to other faith groups in an effort to create a senseof peace between us."
-- Bishop J. Delano Ellis, president of the Joint College ofAfrican-American Pentecostal Bishops

"On the temporal level, this papacy was a profound disappointment forthose who believe that Christ's message of liberation, human freedom andmore democracy should apply not just to the world, but to the church itself.... He was a pope, but he was a man. He was human; he did good things andbad things. He had glorious achievements and abject failures. God hasfinally taken him home and, I am sure, welcomed him with love andcompassion."
-- Frances Kissling, president of Catholics for a Free Choice

"In our still violent world, John Paul never failed to witness on behalfof the innocent victims of conflict and war. His deep compassion will serveas a lasting legacy and tribute."
-- The Rev. William Sinkford, president of the Unitarian UniversalistAssociation.

"He spoke with conviction, he was principled, he challenged us and saidhard things. Even those who disagreed with him admired his honesty andconviction. He will be sorely missed; he will be a hard act to follow. Mayhe rest in peace."
-- The Rev. Tom Reese, editor of the Jesuit magazine America