The following are excerpts of reactions from political andreligious leaders to the death of Pope John Paul II:

"Her Majesty (Queen Elizabeth II) remembers the untiring efforts of PopeJohn Paul II in promoting peace and goodwill throughout the world."
-- A statement from Buckingham Palace

"We, as Orthodox Christians, will always remember, among otherinstances, (his) expression of a desire for reconciliation and unity as wepray for the repose of his soul."
-- The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

"Pope John Paul II was surely one of the most outstanding people of the20th century. His personal warmth and ability to engage with people made hima charismatic figure."
-- The Rev. Alison Elliot, moderator of the Church of Scotland

"He not only spoke about bringing freedom to the enslaved in nations allaround the word, but he moved heaven and earth to bring about freedom forenslaved people through his actions."
-- Roberta Combs, president of the Christian Coalition of America

"Pope John Paul II appealed to people to reach the heights of theirhuman potential, to respect one another by acting justly and with charity."
-- Monsignor William Kerr, director of the Pope John Paul II CulturalCenter in Washington.

"His guidance renewed in us our need to come together as one humanfamily and challenged us to reach out to the poorest of the poor -- not justto alleviate their suffering but to help them fulfill their potential andmaintain their dignity as human persons."

-- Ken Hackett, president of Catholic Relief Services

"With the loss of this amazing figure the world is missing one of thegreatest men of our time, but for all of us touched by his time here onEarth, we are consoled in the knowledge that we are strengthened by hislegacy."
-- Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council

"To enumerate his many accomplishments and deeds of service to thechurch and the human family would literally fill volumes."
-- Archbishop John Myers of Newark, N.J.

"No pope did more for the Jews than John Paul II."
-- Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center

"He will be long remembered for his tireless efforts to promote worldpeace and for his great warmth of personality."
-- Prince Charles, prince of Wales

"John Paul II was the first bishop to visit a synagogue in almost 2,000years. He repeatedly stated that anti-Semitism is a sin against God and thatthere is no room in Christianity for anti-Semitic interpretations ofChristian texts."
-- Eugene Korn, director of Jewish affairs and intergroup relations,American Jewish Congress

"We ... join people everywhere in thanking God for the long andremarkable ministry of this beloved Christian leader and pray God's blessingon the Roman Catholic Church as it seeks guidance in selecting a successor."
-- The Rev. Kenneth Kearon, secretary general of the Anglican Communion

"Throughout the many years of his service as spiritual leader of theRoman Catholic Church, he was a shining example of dedication to theepiscopal ministry and to the high office to which he was called and a goodsteward of the manifold grace of God."
-- Metropolitan Herman, primate of the Orthodox Church in America

"The life and witness of John Paul II spanned the horrors of the 20th --and now into 21st -- centuries. All those movements and events thatconspired to undermine human dignity -- from Hitler's Fascism, toMarxist-Leninist gulags, to the debasement of human sexuality, to theculture of death -- he stood against all with courage and faith, lifting upa vision of humankind as our Creator intended us."
-- Diane Knippers, president of the Institute on Religion and Democracy

"Throughout his leadership of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope John PaulII's theme has always been `Be not afraid.' He lived this belief and servesas an inspiration to millions of Christians."
-- Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, chairman of Traditional Values Coalition

"The pope's willingness to reach out to Christians outside of the RomanCatholic faith was critical to promoting unity across the Christian family.His vision, his determination, and his loving spirit will be missed byChristians around the world."
-- Chuck Colson, founder and president of Prison Fellowship

"Let us pray for the repose of his great soul. I have to believe thatthere will be great joy in heaven on the return home of the vicar ofChrist."
-- Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, archbishop of Washington

"A genius with languages and with the new ideas of our age, he will beremembered as a giant of our time, and of every time."
-- Cardinal William Keeler, archbishop of Baltimore

"The world now mourns the loss of this man of God whose spirit anddevotion, even in the face of frail health, exemplified Jesus Christ's ownlove for the church."
-- Cardinal Francis George, archbishop of Chicago