Share your ideas and hopes

The ideal next pope would be a saint, like this pope. --im4m, 3/2000

This is kind of silly, since it in the last two election (and 3 of the last 4) it was a dark horse, but fun none the less.

Schonborn is probably too young. After a 22+ year pontificate, the Cardinals will probably not be willing to pick a guy who could be Pope for 30+ years. Conventional wisdom says it will an older guy, probably early/middle 70's.

A name that always comes up is Carlo Cardinal Martini, S.J., of Milan. He is extremely articulate and has a rock-star like following among the young people of Europe. He is pretty liberal, a Jesuit (there has never been a Jesuit Pope), and has a tendency to drop off-hand blasts to the media (he said in one article about a year ago that we need a Vatican III), all of which will hurt him.

Another trendy choice is Jean Marie Cardinal Lustiger, from Paris. He's the guy whose parents died in the Holocaust, and was adopted by a French Catholic family. He's pretty moderate, but I know that Jewish groups are against him because he has said he was better off as a Catholic. The PR from that might be a negative. -- mjb691, 9/22/00

Cardinal Arinze would be a good choice. He has been very active in trying to establish a positive relationship with Muslim religious leaders over the oast ten years or so. He heads the Joint Islamic/Catholic Committee which is s subdivision in the Congress for Non-Christian Religions (I think). --tmore35, 1/24/02

He should be more pastor than administrator. More teacher than inquisitor. Lead by example, not decree. Spiritual leader, not political leader. Stress morality, holiness, and the love of Christ, not dry doctrine. Conduct himself as the leader of Christ's whole Church, not just a part of it. Witness to the excitement of Catholicism, offer Christ to the whole world, don't lock Him away in a Church or tabernacle. --TemplarS, 5/17/02

Cardinal Ratzinger is a good interim candidate, but I don't think he wants it. My bet is on Cardinal Schonborn. He is bright, wrote the catechism, and is personable. He is also entirely orthodox. His only problem is that he is a bit young yet. So maybe Ratzinger first and then Schonborn. My fingers are crossed. --cestusdei, 9/13/00

My prediction is Christian Cardinal Tumi, age 69. Regarding Cardinal Martini; wouldn't the election of a Jesuit be a conflict of interest? --noseington, 2/2000

As a Latin-American (and yet north-american), I agree that [it's] very likely the next Pope will come from this region. Why? Simply because the first and second largest Catholic countries are here: Brazil and Mexico. -- memommz

Considering all the attention Brazil is getting these days, the next pope could come from there. Right now, Brazil is the trend. It is to the late 90's and 2000's what India was to the late 60's and early 70's. It is the latest Gucci bag. ...I still say it will either be an Italian or a Hispanic. If it is Hispanic, they will be from South America somewhere. --angelvoices

Share your ideas and hopes

Share your ideas and hopes

We have an innate desire to believe that the Holy Spirit chooses every pope...but that's not always been the case.

If we were to glean a wish list from this thread, it seems we're looking for someone fairly orthodox, but with a renewed understanding of humanity, inclusive of many often overlooked groups, who has the charisma and theological wisdom of our current pontiff. And his surname won't be Ratzinger, Mahoney, or Nguyen...

I can actually see either a French or South American, as well. There are a number of vibrant men in wearing the cardinal's hat. I just hope for someone so blessed that we can evolve into a more spiritual and electric body. --budlongbrown

I for one hope that the next pope will also defend the faith from modernists, and also that he will continue JPII's practice of exerting political power. --stephen_rufus, 5/17/01