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Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa: The Little Miracle that Could
As the Vatican prepares to canonize the nun from Calcutta, a look back at what made her special. By David Scott

Why Mother Teresa Inspires Me
Listen to a priest's admiration for the beloved woman of Calcutta

St. Francis of Assisi
When Saint Francis Saw the Light
A retelling of the beloved saint's conversion story. By Valerie Martin

Saint of the Day: Francis of Assisi
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St. Nicholas
St. Nicholas Resurrects Pickled Boys!
Legends of St. Nicholas, a fourth-century Eastern Orthodox saint.

St. Therese of Lisieux
Shower of Roses: St. Therese of Lisieux
The Little Flower has gotten me through my life's worst crises.

On Tour: Relics of Therese of Lisieux
Body parts of the saints are no longer relics of the past.

St. Valentine
Who Took the 'St.' Away from St. Valentine?
Except for his association with lovers, this martyr at best had only a shadowy existence on the Catholic calendar. By Charlotte Allen

More Saints
The Saint of the Sock Drawer
When I got to be a teenager, I hid my favorite statue of St. Jude in my bureau. He kept on praying for me anyway.

From Slavery to Sainthood
The inspiring story of Pierre Toussaint. By John Zmirak

The Shock of Miracles
Visiting the convent of Saint Bernadette, I learned that God likes to surprise us. By Dwight Longenecker

The Teenage Martyr Who Heals Broken Hearts
Tortured to death in 303, Sainte Foy, or St. Faith, continues to work miracles in the French town that houses her relics.

A Child's Prayer Answered
A girl's restored hearing becomes the second miracle attributed to Mother Katherine Drexel that paved the way to her canonization.

Opening the Door to Miracles
Considered too slow to be anything but a monastery porter, Solanus Casey used his job to work wonders. By Bert Ghezzi

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