It may seem counterintuitive that the adherents of a religion would celebrate the death of their beloved founder, but the essence of Nirvana Day lies not in the idea of death, but in freedom. It is a time to think on, and more importantly, accept, the impermanence of everything. It is often encouraged to think on the recent deaths of friends and loved ones in order to accept their loss, and to learn not to grieve over such things.

Instead, Buddhists are encouraged to live full and joyful lives through the acceptance of impermanence and freedom from attachment.

Unattached and Unafraid

Buddhism is a belief system that is focused on the elimination of suffering—both the suffering of adherents, and of all other forms of life. While dwelling on the idea of death and impermanence may seem depressing at first glance, give it a try on Nirvana Day. Think not on what you’ve lost, but dwell on the very nature of life as something that constantly changes and shifts.

Accepting this aspect of life bears much significance for our contemporary lives. It is in this contemplation that you may begin the process of becoming able to accept change in your life—something we all struggle with.

Buddhists remind us that through acceptance, cultivating discipline, and practicing mindfulness, we can achieve happier, healthier lives, setting us on a path that does both us, and those around us, good.

And who knows?  One day, that path may one day lead us to nirvana.