Old age is part of life
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Now old age, or sick, or eventually death -- if you look realistically, then these are part of our life. So long this body there, old age will come. If you want to live long, old age bound too happen. (laughter)

We want long life--at the same time, do not want old, old experienced body. That's, I think, nonsense.

A realistic approach for an interdependent world
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No matter how one individual is powerful, its survival and its successful life depend on other[s]. And especially with today's modern economy, and also the environmental issue, and also I think the population, and also, due to technology--our world becoming much smaller. So, in reality, heavily interdependent. That's the reality. So under those circumstances, now compassionate attitude is something really realistic, a realistic approach.

The right to a happy life
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We are the same--the same human beings--physically, mentally, emotionally, basically we are the same. So to me there are no differences in our background. Basically we are the same--whether rich or poor. Some are professors, some students, or some billionaire or some beggar--no differences. All are same human being and all want happy life. And everyone have the right to have happy life. Happy days and weeks and months--happy life.

Too much 'me me me'
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Those individuals who always feel oneself most important - so as expression, as a result of expression use 'me,' 'I,' 'my,' 'mine,' like that - often people who often uses these words, these people have greater danger of heart attack. I think reason behind this sort of finding, I feel, quite clear. More compassionate feeling inside it automatically open our inner door and through that way - find it very easy to communicate with other fellow human being. And not only other human being, but even animals. And also the moment think about other, or humanity, or world, your mind widen. So, as a result, your own problem then appears not much significant - not like unbearable. But if one think oneself only 'me, me, me,' like that, then your whole sort of attitude, very narrow. So then small problem appear looks very big, very serious, unbearable.

"How to develop self-confidence"
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So I would like to share with you that happy life, successful life much depends on our own inner strength. If we too much rely on other other external things then we will get sometimes much more disturbances or disappointment. So for that, self-confidence is very important. Self-confidence with reasons, I think that is very crucial. Now how to develop self-confidence properly: Sometimes I think self-confidence out of ignorance--that also happens--that is even dangerous. But then I think the proper, useful self-confidence--how to develop it? I believe warm heart-- compassion--is, I think, the real basis of the development of inner strength that brings positive self-confidence.

Affection and compassion for a happy life
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I believe, I think many of us I think believe, human affection, human compassion, these are I think very important factors for our happiness, for our successful life, for our... well, happy life. So therefore affection, compassion--these are very very important matters.

"The foundation of peace is compassion"
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Peace [is] not just absence of violence, but peace is something full. Peace means, I think, any action [made] out of compassion, out of sense of concern, out of respect [for] others' rights; that is peace. So in the promotion of peace we have to create a foundation of peace: that is human compassion.

"Parents have a special role"
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Then if we judge the whole human life at the beginning as I mentioned earlier like that then during school age, the family affection is so important. For well growth of body as well as brain -- very important.

So in order to develop, I think, affectionate, compassionate human society, affectionate, compassionate human family, I think parents have special important role to bring up compassionate child, compassionate children.

"The spirit of dialogue"
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Each individual also have I think immense sort of power. Not immediate, but long run, I think each of you have, I think, important role for promotion of nonviolence and promotion of spirit of dialogue with spirit of reconciliation. If you respect others' rights and realize other also part of yourself, then spirit of compromise very easily can develop. Because their interest is my interest. Therefore I must respect, I must protect their interest.

"Religion is not necessary for happiness"
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Whether we accept religion or faith or not that's up to the individual. We can see some successful or some happy person without religion, we can see. So in order to have happy life, religious faith if have, very good, but even without you can be a successful family, a happy family. But without human affection, without human sense of concern I think that person very difficult to be one happy human citizen. So therefore irrespective of believer or nonbeliever, very important to have a more compassionate heart.

"The whole world is one body"
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Then look [at] humanity as a whole. Now today the reality - whole world almost like one body. One thing happen some other distant place - the repercussion reach your own place. And particularly in the field of modern economy and environmental issues - our world is just one -- one body. So we have to look all parts of the world all parts of the humanity is part of your life - your self.

"Religious harmony is essential"
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Now the practice of love, compassion, forgiveness, contentment -- these things, something very useful, something very important for a happy life. On this subject, if you look, all the various religious traditions all talks about these things the same way, all carry the same message -- the message of love, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, contentment, self-discipline. So all these religions teach us these values. So all major religions have the same potential to make better human beings, happier human being. So under those circumstances, the harmony among the different traditions is very very essential.

"The concept of war is outdated"
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So I often share with my friends: the very concept of war is outdated. Because in the past (clapping) the different communities have independent interests - separate interests there. So more or less independent. So in that circumstances, destroy of your enemy is victory of yourself. So in ancient times that -way of approach, is also in some extent, although morally speaking very wrong, but practical level, seems some logic. But nowadays, no longer that reality. Destruction of your neighbor as enemy is essentially destruction of yourself.

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