A Mormon Christmas
After I converted to Mormonism, would I have to give up beloved wintertime rituals?
by Linda Hoffman Kimball
December 31, 1999

Seeing Without Seeing
A girl sees Helen Keller experience the music in the Mormon Tabernacle--and in so doing finds her own faith
by Emma Lou Thayne
December 31, 1999

Setting Up Your Mormon Home
What Every Newlywed Mormon Couple Should Have
December 31, 1999

Mormonism's American Century Draws to a Close
A Peculiarly American Faith Branches Out
by Jan Shipps
December 31, 1999

The Saturday Bakery
We made something fine out of the love we shared
by Dean Hughes
December 31, 1999

Of Fat and Faith
Are We Giving Each Other Theological Twinkies?
by Linda Hoffman Kimball
February 1, 2000

Saints Valentine
Bouquets of love for my Mormon friends
by Linda Hoffman Kimball
February 9, 2000

Press Bias
The American press shuts out moral conservatives.
by Orson Scott Card
February 15, 2000

Press Bias: What to do about it
by Orson Scott Card
February 15, 2000

The Press Isn't Helping the Church Wipe Out Racism
When the media attack the LDS Church on racial issues, they may make it harder for Mormons to eradicate old racist attitudes.
by Orson Scott Card
February 15, 2000

This Isn't Just About Winning
As a high school senior still battling insecurities, I learned some lessons watching my dad face likely defeat.
by W. Mitt Romney
February 15, 2000

God's Army
A review of the feature film about Mormons.
by Eugene England
March 11, 2000

A Pathetic Hunger for a Photo-Op
The effort to nominate Gordon Hinckley as Person of the Century is an embarrassment to Mormons
by Orson Scott Card
March 17, 2000

A New Prayer, A Father's Prayer
The Spiritual Accomplishment of Fatherhood
by Matthew Blair Hoyt
March 23, 2000

Hinckley's Hints for Healing America
The Mormon president preaches civility and optimism
by Peg McEntee
March 28, 2000

Time To Get Relevant
For the LDS women's group, 'Homemaking Meetings' are now 'Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment Meetings'
by Linda Hoffman Kimball May 31, 2000

Hands Up!
Can we sustain each other with patience, forbearance, feedback, gratitude, and grace?
June 2, 2000
by Linda Hoffman Kimball

A book review of the Terry Tempest Williams title
June 12, 2000

Prophets, Seers, and Revelators
A new form of revelation for Mormonism's new age
June 13, 2000
by Jan Shipps

The Tolerance Team
You're going to hell, but that doesn't mean we can't be friends
June 23, 2000
by Orson Scott Card

Cloning Zion
Splitting wards makes perfect sense, but it's still heartbreaking
July 13, 2000 by Linda Hoffman Kimball

What Will the Church Do After Scouting?
If the Supreme Court forces the Boy Scouts to accept gays, Mormons will have to withdraw. Then what will the boys do?
July 16, 2000
by Orson Scott Card

Requiem for a Gay Mormon
In memory of Henry Stuart Matis
July 18, 2000
by Robert A. Ress

To Be Mormon and Gay
Stuart Matis decries the Church's anti-gay stance
July 18, 2000

Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Why I don't join in Sacrament-Meeting songs of praise for patriots and pioneers.
by Linda Hoffman Kimball
July 4, 2000

MTV Mormon in "Real" Bind
Mormon cast member on MTV's "Real World" charged with violating Brigham Young U.'s strict honor code.
by Don Kaplan
June 15, 2000

Tombstone Abusers
A plea for us to be gentle with our ancestors' grave markers.
by Terence L. Day
June 8, 2000

Confronting the Mormon Question
How to turn a Latter-Day Saint into a Methodist
September 7, 2000
by Jan Shipps

Taking Charity to Heart
When talking about giving, people often ask, "How much is enough?" I want to learn my "enough" from Jesus
by Ann Stone

Epiphany in the Hospital Corridor
As my father lay dying on Christmas, the wail of a newborn jars me into understanding why I was wrong to feel sorry for myself.
by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Life in the Fast Lane
Not the quirky spiritual anorexia some might think, fasting can be a feast. 3/13/01
by Linda Hoffman Kimball

Do All Dogs Go to Heaven?
With deer hunting season approaching, the author muses on animals here and hereafter, with the help of Mormon doctrine.
by Linda Hoffman Kimball

Mountain Saints and Minority Mormons
Raising your kids somewhere other than the major Mormon areas might just make them better Mormons.
by Orson Scott Card

That 'M' Word
By rejecting the label 'Mormons,' today's Latter-day Saints are trying to distance themselves from an 'ethnic' stereotype.
by Jan Shipps

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