Is it true that the ultimate asteroid will wipe us all out? Experts believe that there are more asteroids hitting the earth than ever before and we need to be prepared. Remember the asteroid explosion in Chelyabinsk, Russia in 20013? The explosion was caught on camera blowing out windows and injuring hundreds of people with flying debris.

Some believe it’s just a matter of time when the earth will encounter a cataclysmic event beyond the scope of the Chelyabinsk.

Pat Robinson, the host of CBN’s The 700 Club said that an asteroid will destroy the earth rushing us into the End Times. Robertson said that an asteroid would usher in the end as predicted in his book published in 1995. He also said he didn’t know if it was 1,000 years from now or next week. The Bible says that no man will know when the end will come.

Image by Picasa: Asteroid crossing over Chelyabinsk, Russia

“I don't see anything else that fulfills the prophetic words of Jesus Christ other than an asteroid strike. There isn't anything that will cause the seas to roil, that will cause the skies to darken, the moon and the sun not to give their light, the nations terrified on earth saying 'what's happening?’”

Former NASA astronaut Ed Lu said that it’s a misconception that asteroids hitting the earth are a rarity and explained to Reuters and other journalist of the potential threat. Scientists believe that 65 million years ago an asteroid hit the earth, destroyed the dinosaurs and caused a chain reaction by altering the climate. Asteroids are 131 feet, the size of a football field, but can flatten a city said Lu.

Lu works with the B612 Foundation and recorded 26 asteroids that exploded in the Earth’s atmosphere from 2000 through 2013. Many explosions go unnoticed because they explode high into the atmosphere.

"The non-profit B612 Foundation aims to build, launch, and operate the first privately funded deep space mission—a space telescope in orbit around the Sun that will map the inner Solar System in search of asteroids that could impact Earth," according to the B612 website.

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