people woman praying at churchSimplicity at times can be taken for granted and not appreciated as a blessing. People who are not content with their simple lives often retreat within their internal hope and pray for things that they think will make their lives better. However, reality is that God gives us only what we can handle and in many cases handing us the world can cause issues that we’re not equipped to deal with.

When you ask the Lord for opportunities and wisdom that are not within your current graces don’t think that God isn’t listening when the items do not present themselves. The Lord is listening but he knows what you can hold upon your shoulders. Instead of believing that your prayers are rested upon deaf ears, know that the simplicity that God has blessed you with is actually enough and a bigger present then you know.

Then there are times when the Lord realizes that he must teach you a lesson because you’re too impatient to discover the true bliss within your own existence. During these times, you believe that the Lord is listening because he answers the prayer in a way you can visually see and taste the outcome. When you ask the Lord to power to see people as he sees them, then you’re presented with the truth that many people shield from others. You are overwhelmed with the wave of emotions that God is presented on a daily basis.

blocking faithOr perhaps you’ve asked God to teach you humility. After uttering the wish for humility you’ll find that you will in turn experience one or multiple situations where you encounter multiple failures, watch others succeed while you stand in the background unnoticed, have a crisis of faith or you could lose your self-esteem. Unfortunately, humility is not an easy element to understand. It’s full of checks and balances that occur within the soul. The road to humility is dangerous because your entire life you’ve probably lived a very fortunate existence – there may have been bumps along the way but you’ve always managed to overcome what’s come into your path.

Another common dangerous prayer is the request for wisdom. Although wisdom is a gift that we all want to possess, much of the world doesn’t quite realize the power that lies behind wisdom. Not only does wisdom affect your overall character and how you handle your day-to-day scenarios furthermore it affects how you handle stress, happiness, challenging times and the nature of others. Wisdom forces you to act when it’s necessary but to keep quiet when it’s not. With wisdom comes will power, the appearance of foolishness and failure – ultimately your ego is deeply impacted.

religious african american womanThink about the prayers you’ve reached out to God and requested. Now think about the prayers you considered to be answered and unanswered, then look back on your life and analyze the elements that helped you become the person you are today. In most cases, people will find that their dangerous prayers were left, what they consider to be, unanswered. Yet, they still triumphed within life and moved past what, at the time, seemed unbearable. Now take a closer look at the times God did answer your dangerous prayers. Odds are those prayers provided a heavy weight of responsibility and may have caused you more pain and trouble than they were worth. Although you received what you wanted, you also were taught a lesson that sometimes wants are better left alone.

Therefore, the answer to the age old question as to what does God do with dangerous prayers is dependent upon the individual. The Lord takes each prayer on a case-to-case basis and figures out whether or not a lesson should be taught through absence or delivery. Either way, God is listening.

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