Our obsession with reality shows, tabloids, and websites have created a culture that is self-absorbed, jealous, and contentious.

Over the last four years faith-based films have caught the eye of the Hollywood studios, but if the momentum is going to continue people need to demand that studios, networks, and media platforms offer alternative entertainment said Devon Franklin, who is an author, producer and the SVP of Production at Columbia Pictures. Franklin, also a preacher, admitted he’s never seen a time where his industry was so open to faith content.

So their ears are open.

“Audiences are saying in television and in film we want more uplifting content,” Franklin told an audience in Nashville. “So we can send messages to Hollywood what we want to see and what we don’t want to see. The biggest way you can vote is what you spend at the box-office and what you tune into at night.”

There is a desire in the market place, but believers need to refuse to engage with questionable content. Without the demand, which would reflect in ratings and ticket sales—the industry would have to change gears.

Simply, if you don’t want Kim Kardashian related shows read the latest gossip online-- don’t support it, don’t click on it. As content  consumers we have the power over how much time we spend absorbing mind-numbing and spirit quenching content.

Every day is a new experience and supporting content where God can touch somebody is a great responsibility. The Christian community needs to be supportive of films like “Heaven is for Real, “God’s Not Dead,” “Do You Believe?” and others.

When they are successful, then they’ll make more movies. One reason the Christian film market is so small is we don’t partner with each other. If one we go out and support every faith film that comes out.

“You better believe you will see a difference in Hollywood, and change overnight," said Franklin.

Everything we click on is translated into content suggestions for the user, and if you’re engaging in impure content, that’s what is going to be recommended as a story. Sites are selling your clicks, and when we choose to click on garbage and indulge in gossip, that's what you get--trash.

No one knows the time when Jesus will return. So love, honor, and serve in all area of life including consuming and creating work that honors God.

“A house divided cannot stand, please don’t allow theological differences to keep us from the power of our unified voice as Christians in media,” he stressed. “When we get to heaven we can argue about theology.”

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