If we get down to the truth of it, not all the paths we take will lead to the gates of heaven. As sobering as this may sound, a watered-down version of the Bible has been dished out for years, and it stresses no accountability or acknowledgment of sin.

Senior pastor and popular author Dr. Robert Jeffress shared the true Gospel may upset people, but biblical principles are being ignored. Not all Roads Lead to Heaven is a book that will challenge how diluted teachings are being reflected in culture.

There is no other way to the Father. Jesus is the key, and if that is not true the entire premise of Christianity is false and “unravels like a cheap sweater,” said Jeffress.

Standing for an exclusive Gospel? This makes some of us nervous, right?

“It’s the most politically incorrect truth that any Christian can articulate in today’s world,” said Jeffress who asks the stinging questions like: “Is it possible that those who have never had the opportunity to hear about Jesus will somehow be saved?” or “How can a loving God send people to hell?”

“One Pew Research Survey showed that 57 percent of evangelicals believe that there is more than one way to God other than by faith in Jesus Christ. Yet, this is in stark contrast to what Jesus himself said in John 14:6:

“I am the way, the truth, the life. No man comes to the father, but by me.”

Christians are afraid take this debate on. Many have been intimidated into thinking that it is hateful to tell a Hindu, a Buddhist, or Muslim that their religion would not lead them to heaven.

Only Christianity will help them get there. If Jesus was telling the truth that He’s the only way to heaven, than it is the most loving truth one can share, he said. It is not intolerant or hateful as many believers walking the fine line of appearing judgmental.

He explained that if you were on a plane and it was about to crash and the stewardess said there was just one way out—would you accuse her of being intolerant she there is only one way out of this burning airplane?

“What I’m saying in my book, Not all Roads Lead to Heaven, that this is not a message of hate, but a message of hope. Jesus said He’s the only way to heaven, not to keep people out of heaven, but to invite them in.” The problem also is once the body of Christ moves away from the authority of the Bible, people end up constructing what they think is the truth.

“I think most of us are guilty of serving the god we wish existed rather than the God that does exist. We need to approach God on His terms not our terms.”

It’s what believers are hearing and not hearing from the pulpit.

Someone asked Jeffress: What do you say to a church leader that doesn’t accept the exclusivity of the Bible. He said bluntly, “Get out of the ministry. You have no right to stand in the pulpit and construct your own truth and lead people to hell rather than leading them to heaven.” Read more from Dr. Robert Jeffress.

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