Yin and Yang SymbolThe yin and yang symbol is one of the most popular within Taoism. The two halves signify wholeness and are looked at as the starting point for change. The symbol represents balance and the idea that the two sides are, in essence, chasing each other to seek a new balance with each other.

The word yin, in the Chinese culture, is meant as the shady side while the yang is seen as the sunny side. It is believed in the Taoism culture that there are several examples of the yin and yang throughout elements of our life. For example many refer to night as yin and day as yang. And other reference of females as yin and male as yang is another popular grouping.

While many westerners refer to the symbol as the yin yang symbol, people who follow Taoism refer to it is the Taijitu. The symbol is found in many other cultures but over the years has come to be the symbol most people identify with Taoism.

The yin and yang are two essential and interdependent energies of life. Even though they are considered polar opposites, both elements understand that they cannot function without the other. Their opposites complement each other and allow there to be functionality. The Taoism culture believes that all opposites, thoughts, views, opinions, interpretations, and phenomena are developed from a common source. Taoists believe that life contains good and evil elements – how we choose to respond to these energies determines the quality of life you will carry out. The good and bad transform each other as the process of existence continues.

nature road sunsetThese principles of opposites compliment have been around for 2,500 years. Early on Taoism demonstrated the existence of equal proportions for life on earth. These natural manifestations of the yin and yang principle are important to healing concepts and survival. And throughout the course of history the symbol, a circle and not a square, has been relevant in every walk of life, course of action and step within nature. The tool is used to distinguish life’s priorities and make difficult decisions.

The yin and yang symbol represents the faith and principles behind Taoism. Just like a country has a flag and a company has a logo, the yin and yang symbol represents the Taoists and their beliefs and way of life.

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