You learned what to do for a Jewish wedding ceremony and naming ceremony. You researched, Goggled, and read what the etiquette is includes like gifts, dress, foods and wisdom to hold a conversation. Now your Jewish friends have a girl 12, and a boy that hit 13—what does this mean? Let’s break what “Bar” means in Bar Mitzvah mean son of the commandment. Mitzvah is one of the 613 commandments that center on God and His Torah.

This means that all action or human activity is under God and the Torah. In Hebrew the word “Bat” is daughter. The celebration is after the 13th Birthday for boys and12 for girls, usually that Saturday. The teens will attend the synagogue to read the Torah and engage in reciting other blessings on the Sabbath. The children are now old enough to adhere to the Torah’s commandments. Boys will wear a kippa, kippah or kipa and girls could wear a head covering made with lace. Boys will also wear a prayer shawl called the tallit.

Great we know now is little more about this coming of age moment. Now, what do you wear or how do you act if you are invited to a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah? In the synagogue, women refrain from wearing pants, and wear dresses. It’s important to note that the party is not held on the same day of the ceremony. Some people spend close to $100,000 on a party for a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah party.

Some of these parties are quite elaborate, and guests areexpected to pony up with some grand gifts or money. This is more of a recent tradition, and could lose its true meaning, say some critics of the parties with bands, famous crooners, or movie–themed parties. In New York parents spend up to $1 million on their teen's party. 

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