A recent PEW study conducted in May and June of 2014, shows that most Americans share their faith offline, participating in traditional religious activities such as attending church or bible study, as opposed to going online.

Only 20% share their faith online, mainly through social apps and networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. PEW polled that young adults (ages 18-29) are twice more likely to share their faith online than older adults (age 50 and older).

It’s more common to see older adults listen to religious talk radio or watch religious TV than sharing their faith online.

The survey also found that participants are more likely to see someone else share their religion online (46%).

Conclusively, the survey shows that religious engagement and participation for Americans is still more traditional than using electronic media  – TV, Music, Radio, and Internet.

Majority of participants surveyed were of Protestant faith. Americans of Catholic faith and those unaffiliated to a specific religion, were also polled. About 3,200 adults participated in the PEW Research study.

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