America’s Pastor, Max Lucado, talks about his newest work...much different than the non-fiction style we’re commonly used to.

“I love fiction!" Lucado says. "Fiction goes where, non-fiction doesn’t. I like a fiction book that conveys wisdom and truths in an entertaining fashion that lifts our spirits and leaves us encouraged.” The main character in the book Chelsea is dodging negative press following a public split from her NFL superstar husband. When she inherits the family business, Higher Grounds Café, she gets much more than a new job serving cupcakes and cappuccino…she encounters Heaven through her guardian angel.

Lucado expounds on the role of angels in the book and also in our everyday lives, “The Bible tells us that there are thousands and thousands of angels. While the concept of guardian angels might not be true, I think it’s safe to say that everyone of us has encountered an angel at some point throughout our lives.” He quotes a Scripture from the book of Hebrews that encourages believers to be hospitable because of the possibility of entertaining angels disguised in human form. When asked why are angels important Lucado said, “Angels are sent to minister to us, to help and encourage us. It tells us that God cares about us and that the spiritual world is not something we should be afraid of. We need to realize that these heavenly hosts war on our behalf and defend us in more ways than we could imagine.”

Q: So Max in one chapter you wrote, “Prayers move God, and God moves angels. Can you explain that?”

A: There’s an interesting story in the Bible where Daniel prays and when the angel finally reaches him he says from the first moment that you spoke your words were heard, but I was held up in battle for 21 days by the prince of Persia. So this tells us that not only does God hear our prayers, He sends angels to minister His will on our behalf.

Q: How would you encourage someone that has prayed and is still waiting on an answer?

A: We all are waiting on an answer to prayer. There is not one person who has all their prayers answered. So for those waiting here are three things to remember :

1. God’s timing is always perfect. He knows the best time better than we do…trust that.

2. Part of the reason for the delay are spiritual resistive forces…so keep praying don’t give up.

3. Just because the prayer has not been answered yet, doesn’t mean it won’t get answered.

Delayed answer to prayer could be a result of areas of character development God wants to deal with first or a matter of history just catching up with the request. Our job is to continue to walk by faith.

Q: Max, how do you pray?

A: If a quality prayer depends on length, then I don’t do that well (laughter). I take about fifteen minutes and just lay the day out before God. The simple formula for my prayer life goes like this:

Father you are good

I need help (share my needs)

They need help (intercede for others)

Thank you

In Jesus’ name

I’ll do this several times throughout the day, so for me prayer is not so much a dedicated time but an ongoing conversation that we have with Our Heavenly throughout the day.

Q: There’s a big cup of coffee on the cover of the book, how do you take your coffee?

A: Just a little bit of cream, no sugar. I like a good cup of strong coffee I must say.

Q: What would you say to someone that says, “I’m not good at pray-er.”

A: I would remind them that the power of prayer is not so much in the person who says the prayer, but in the God who hears it. I don’t think we can "mispray" any more than a child can "mishug". Whether it’s an awkward hug or over-enthusiastic it is always receieved with the love and intention behind it.

Go here for more encouragement from Max Lucado and to learn how you can get his latest book, Miracle at the Higher Grounds Café.

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