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Miriam loved being a prayer warrior for her church and her friends. She took the job of pounding on heaven’s doors very seriously. In fact, being a prayer warrior was very much in line with Miriam’s own gift of intercession. Unfortunately, Miriam was plagued with the false idea that while other’s deserved healing and wholeness and miracles, she did not. And this false belief led to less and less successful intercession for others as Miriam’s own needs for healing and wholeness and miracles continued to be unmet because she did not feel she was worthy of heaven’s help.

Many, many Christians suffer from the same false belief that Miriam experienced. Countless Christians feel unworthy of heavenly intercession; but nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, it behooves every Christian to become his own, best prayer warrior and thus become a successful prayer warrior for others. The first step to becoming your own best prayer warrior is to realize and celebrate your own worth as a daughter of son of the King. Understand in your heart (not just in your head) that your desires for heaven’s help aren’t selfish—that you aren’t meant to suffer but are meant to live in peace, abundance, and joy. To that end, seeking help from heaven on your own behalf is paramount.

In fact, once you receive heavenly help, your own intercession for others becomes more powerful! You know and experience the reality of heaven’s help; you aren’t taking heaven’s gifts and storing them away, you are using them to build the kingdom! You need to remind yourself that of course God wants you to have them because they help you be the “best version of you” and you will be sharing them with others—helping them become the best versions of their own selves as well! It is a win-win.

To help with this first step, pray the following: “Father in Heaven, you hear the prayers of those in need. You are mighty and you are gentle. You are not a distant parent but one who is with me always. I struggle with opening up myself to you because I don’t want you to think of me as selfish but I do need your help. Please surround me with your loving care, your amazing grace, and allow me to enter into your heart for the healing and wholeness I seek.” The second step to becoming your own best prayer warrior is to stand in your faith. Faith is the belief in things unseen; it pulls them from the realm of the supernatural into the natural. Continue believing in your own worth—have faith in this truth!—and build your prayers for yourself and for others upon that belief that erupts from such assurance.

To help with this second step, pray the following: “Father in Heaven, you have invited me into relationship with you through your son and have assured me authority through his holy name. In Jesus’ name I invoke aid for my own current circumstances (here share a bit of the details not because the Father needs them but because it helps you clarify and concentrate). I thank you for help and rest assured that the angels and saints are busy coming to my aid! I’m excited to see how this will all resolve and live in gratitude for the ways you love and care for me and my needs and the needs of (here you may call to mind someone for whom you have been asked to pray or who needs prayers).”

The third and final step of becoming your own best prayer warrior is to place your trust in God. This is the most difficult step for the majority of believers but is critical in turning situations around. Trust is the final step because it is actually your place of co-creation. It is the frame of mind and the confidence in spirit that “letting go and letting God” is in your own best interest. Faith is a gift from God, trust in your gift back to God. He can give you faith but cannot make you accept it—which is what trust is all about: accepting God’s faith and acting from it.

A prayer that will help you with this step in trusting God may look like this: “Abba, thank you for the gift of faith. It now leads me to this point in my journey in which I freely place my trust in you. I long to co-create an abundant life on earth—one filled with health and well-being—and believe that is your plan for me. It is the foretaste of what my life in heaven will be! Help me experience the life you have planned for me as I trustingly walk with you. Let’s hold hands lest I stumble and fall. The anticipation of co-creating with you is exciting and I am grateful for the opportunity that is now before me to place my trust in you.”

The three steps of becoming your own best prayer warrior:

1. Enter into the truth of your worth as a son or daughter of the King. Know that your own needs are important as anyone else’s and let go of false ideas that it is selfish to want an abundant life.

2. Have faith that God invites you into the kingdom so that what you experience on earth is an indicator of what heaven will be: wholeness, joy, peace.

3. Place your trust in God. Let go and let him take over. Co-create with your creator!

Rest assured that becoming your own best prayer warrior is the way that you will be able to build up the kingdom of God in that it allows you to know the truths that Christ desired all to know!

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