Some people are outraged by two Argentinean artists depicting a Ken doll dressed as Jesus crucified on the cross and Barbie as the Virgin Mary on their Facebook page.

Pool (Perelli) & Marianela (Perelli) dressed a total of 33 dolls dressed in religious garb will be on display at an art show on Oct. 11 in Buenos Aires, called “Barbie: The Plastic Religion.” Interestingly, the artists decided not to create Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, but created figures for Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity. Mattel, the maker of Barbie has not commented on the dolls.

“We respect all traditions and religions but our work is intended to pay homage to these figures."

We don't intend to offend any religion," the artists said on Facebook. Specializing in low brow art, the publicity has beefed up orders and bookings at Argentina art galleries. Their website said that people are rewarded for acting the same.

“Marianela and Pool set themselves apart by rebelling. Through humor they highlight a fictional, historical, religious, political and universe where their elders are trapped.”

What do you think? Is this art or distasteful?

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