Christian singer songwriter Vicky Beeching announced in the summer that she is gay, and considers herself a gay Christian. “No one is born gay,” said Dennis Jernigan, contemporary worship leader and songwriter of over 25 albums, 100 million in sales.

How would he know? He lived as a gay man for years.

Jernigan’s 90-minute documentary “Sing Over Me” explores his journey and end to homosexuality in 1981. The Oklahoma native is open about struggles with same-sex attraction since he was 10, living with another man and betrayal when a believer made a pass at him, whom he looked to for help.

Jernigan only heard harsh words against gays from the pulpit and assumed God hated him because of his beliefs. Yet the church needs to view people like Jesus does, without the eye of judgment and build relationships.

“I longed for somebody to tell me that I didn’t need to be this way,” he said. “All I ever heard was that homosexuals go straight to hell. I thought it would subside especially when I gave into that it was just the way I was born, but I got more miserable than ever.”

Then he met someone who didn’t judge him, nor threaten him the words “going to hell.” He told the youth that he would walk with Jernigan. In turn, Jernigan’s came to a place where being gay was a decision. He called it his incredible journey.

“So much healing came into my life. My wife and I have been married for 31 years,” said the father of nine.

“I never looked back. And I never wanted to go back. I never thought it would be possible to be married to a woman and God did that much change in my heart.”

Jernigan said that people that have same sex attraction are not born that way. It’s a matter of making a choice. You can’t be a “Gay Christian.”

Change is possible if you want it, according  Jernigan, who has publically told his story since 1988. He’s seen thousands walk away from a gay lifestyle during the course of the ministry, but said only if people want to be helped.

“I don’t waste my time arguing with people, I focus my time on people who really want freedom. Trust him [Jesus] to show you your true identity.”

To watch the film for free go to www.singovermemovie.com.

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